Monday, July 25, 2011

Some New Stuff In The Stores

I was out looking for nothing so I stopped by the toy department at 2 Targets. I know I know but I only bought 2 things..I swear. I found the new Fashionista's some people were looking for. I bought Artsy & Sassy. 

There are another set of new Fashionista's that come with the heads included. They are cute and I just love the 80's style glasses on Sporty :O)  I didn't buy them but they're $13.49

The rest are random pics of new stuff I didn't buy either..LOL 


  1. I want the Lalaloopsy boy! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!

    ....Whoa, where did that come from...

  2. Wow - lookit all the new dolls that are coming out! I am so tempted - NOT!!! Lol! Still and always loving my bigger girls! :P

  3. @Angie..I will find something to tempt you. There are some new outfits for that Moxie Teenz you have..LOL

  4. The fashionista with the extra head and extra oufit, is an awesome price!