Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clearance Love...& Hate

Let me clarify my title for those who don't get it. I love clearance and hate it all at the same time. I love it when I find things I've held out on are marked down so much that I can't resist. I also hate when things are marked down but it's not really a bargain or I have no $$ at that moment..LOL. 

I won't name any names but I was back in Target and they had certain LIV items marked down to where I had to get them or kick myself later for not doing so. I saw a couple of people with said item either in their blog or just mentioned there. I grabbed a couple of jackets now $2.98. They are too cute on dolls. I had to grab this LIV Cabana since for $6.44 it's in my budget (yes I have one..LOL).  I scanned the dolls again and found they have been marked down to $6.98 O_o. I grabbed a Hayden since she is lighter and I know someone will need her body sooner or later..LOL. The Basic 1.0 accessory set I've been looking for a while. They had it for the $14.99 so I snagged it.

I mentioned in my previous post that the beautiful witches aren't the only things I got from IFDC. My friend Irma who is a saint picked up some men for me so I can now cut my list of things to buy at FR Convention in October. My favorite Homme is Darius of course. I now own all 3 versions of him since I added Staying Power to the group. Those Reid boys are causing all kind of havoc with my ladies..LOL. 

Then I have my 2nd choice of Lukas dolls which is Style Master. The 1st was Rock Ringmaster which I so foolishly passed on..Whhhhyyyyyyy(which sounds like Kkkhhhhhhhhhhaaaaann). His latest version Model Citizen I want the clothes & accessories but the doll not too much. 

Last but never least is Francisco Leon Hi Fly from 2006 Convention. He is my 2nd Francisco and is the older brother in my world. Hypnotic has short flocked hair and therefore he's younger and looks it. 

Now I know what people are thinking..Does she have a sugar daddy somewhere?..simple answer no I'm just cheap..LOL. I have waited to find these items at prices I'm willing to pay. Some I've waited years on and others come down when the new stuff gets released. I set my price in my head and work from there. I also in some cases will accept a doll nude when I don't like the clothes anyway. Someone will always be selling a doll, clothes, jewelry you just have to be patient and not jump too fast. Ok I'm sounding like an infomercial so I'll stop here..LOL But I will leave you with closeups of those beautiful witches ;O)

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  1. Those are very nice! So many nice dolls at once, it would take a moment to stop drooling! Lol!