Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Scene Love

I have decided to cover some of my favorite doll lines. The original My Scene line started with Madison, Chelsea, Barbie, & Nolee. Over the years Barbie was replaced with Kennedy. Nolee was replaced with Delancey. In some cases Madison seems to have been replaced by Nia. 
Madison as the black doll makes her #1 for me. Just in case you really care my choice goes Madison, Nolee/Delancey, Chelsea, Barbie/Kennedy. 

There was also some others that came in to play Jai also AA from the Jammin In Jamica line. There was also Kenzie who never spoke but there were 3 dolls made of her. Lindsey Lohan made a special appearance when they made a movie. Oh well I'm no expert but here are the pics of my very favorite ladies. 

I will post pics of the guys from this line in a later post. Yes there were guys too :o) Without further ado here are the ladies I love




Barbie Jai Kennedy


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have a few My Scene dolls, but I am just not fond of the large heads. Only because I can't use them with the other regular size head dolls. I have always loved their faces. Nice to get to see so many different ones.

  2. Wow, you have a very nice collection! All are pretty, but I am partial to red hair and love the Kenzie's.

  3. I have wanted to like the My Scene dolls, but I couldn't get past the larger heads. So I have used their bodies for other Barbies like the Flavas or a 1990s Courtney (Babysitter). That said, I do like your photos of your dolls here. They're all being My Scene, the heads don't look odd in comparison to smaller headed dolls.

    Have you any of the Nias? I think she replaced Chelsea as the My Scene Latina. Snoopy me, inquiring ;-)

  4. @ Dana I have one Nia.. oops forgot to put her in here..LOL. Going to add her now