Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candi Girl You Are My World

Like the title say Candi was my world for a moment (cue New Edition). This entry came about as a request from Dana of Philly Collector fame.  I think I saw these ladies in another collectors pictures on one of my doll boards. I had to ask the question and so it began. Candi was a quick detour in my collecting.  

My sister-in-law Denise had a couple and I fell more in love. She eventually gave me a couple of hers. I started buying them from Paul David's (huge doll seller). I loved the work of Mikelman on these dolls and fashions. I know the dolls were 1st introduced from Helena Hamilton but Integrity & Mikelman were who I know them from.  I don't remember which was my first but here some of my faves of my collection.
Hispanic Candi International

Sublime Elegance

On The Go

Feline Formality

Ultra Chic

Titian Bubble

Raven Image Maker

Asian Candi International

Brunette Bubble

Brownette Bubble

AA Vintage Swirl

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Okay So I Went There..Sort Of

I went food shopping tonight so I went to Walmart and found the Create-a-Monster Sea Monster/Vampire dolls with the double torso. I've been after this set since I fell in love with the Sea Monster. The original sets came with one torso and it was pink O_o.  I held off on this set for that very reason. Once I found out the double torso sets were out I started looking. I have no love for Vampira's face so she will be on her way out the door. 

I also picked up the 1st Abbey Abominable. So call me slow but she wasn't a fave of mine. She kind of grew on me. I was no fan of Skull Shores or the newest giftset (comes with 2 or 3 fashions) Abbey. I will have to redress her as her outfit does nothing for me..although her boots are awesome. I will have to play around with her a bit to see if she will stay on the island as it were. I'm not a fan of all the MH dolls released (my wallet is happy). Most of the dolls disappoint me in person.

 So after all the hoopla over Bratzilla's I bought one. Yes I bought one. OK so I went there. I had to go to TRU because I had a coupon that was going to expire. After looking through a lot of new stuff I decided I like the purple haired Yasmina Clairvoya most.

Thankfully she's the only one I really like in person (my wallet thanks me too). I looked through them all and she was THE ONE. I didn't like elements of the others. I will wait for a sale before I buy another and hope I have another coupon or two then. I think Sashabella and the others will be good for some body swapping :O)