Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for The Hurricane...

Well for those who don't know I have spent the day staying ready for whatever Irene may bring our way. I walked my dog earlier and am going through all my doll stuff in the house. I can tell you I'm not bored. It's raining here right now and they say it's supposed to get worse tonight. If I don't post it may be because we lose power (flashlights, check / candles, check) I will be back as soon as I can. I've done some swapping and clearing out. 

I will give you my mindset during this day I was awaiting my delivery from I called my post office early to make sure they were delivering mail today. I give them credit because on my way out what was sitting there waiting for me..MY DOLLS. They came..WOOHOO :O) 

I will be playing and taking pictures until I can't. I will post later or when I can.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Deja Vu Anyone?

Have you ever had a moment of deja vu? I get that alot as I work my way through all this stuff. Some if not most of my cases of deja vu mean that I have seen a doll or outfit somewhere else in my stuff. 

Most times it's true..LOL. I have come across multiples of dolls and outfits most unintentionally. Once upon a time I had a inventory of what I had and what I bought. Once I stopped doing that the multiples began. As I sorted some bins and boxes I've come across 5 Princess of South Africa, 2 Glam n Groom Christie, and I won't even say how many of Kelly outfit dupes I found. I know some people know I have multiples on purpose in the case of twins, triplets, & yes I have a set of quads.

There are times when I swear I own something and think to myself "Now where did I put that?". Sometimes I find it and other times I saw it and may have sold it off..LOL. Now I'm starting my process all over again. Inventory what I have and where it is, so this deja vu doesn't happen again ;O)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To Work..Finally

I'm happy to say the strike is over and I go back to work Tuesday :O) I'm so thankful to have been prepared for this but I still have to build my savings up again. I have put more stuff on my show & sell but like I keep saying I have so much more to go...

I will try to keep my pages current and taking pics of stuff to go.  I haven't made any sales yet but then I just started. Just to satisfy myself I will be posting the same items on ebay to see which way they go faster ;O)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Swap Stuff Round 1

I'm sorting though and I found some stuff that I will swap with one or more people. Right now I'm looking for articulated bodies (no flat feet..sorry), and who knows what may strike my fancy..LOL. If you just want to buy something let me know. I can't seem to post to my other pages so I will get rid of the swap page. I will keep the tab with my sales

I've also added some stuff to my Dollpages.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture Fun

I was checking my Flickr yesterday and I was included/tagged in a put your doll on a magazine cover. First I have no skill with these things. I don't do Photoshop and have no skills past cropping..LOL. I was checking another friends pic and there was a link to his magazine maker. I actually did it and here are my results. I love this pic I have of Nadja...
I'm still working on pics of stuff to go so you may see some new stuff from me tomorrow :O)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Added Some Pages

I added some tabs above as you may see. The 1st tab is self explanatory. This is the permanent page to hold my sales goodies. I checked out Ms Leo's blog I Luv Dolls where she talked about trades. Great idea and I like it so much I added the 2nd page just for that.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Listing On Show & Sell

I have started some listings on the Doll Show & Sale pages. Keep checking back I will be listing more stuff in the days to come. I have started with 4. If you see something drop me an email and we'll talk
Dollz4moi's Virtual Yard Sale

Friday, August 12, 2011

Working on Some Changes

If you've been paying attention my page design has changed three times in two days. I want a different look and I think this one will be it for a moment. I want to use this time (albeit unwanted time) to go through some of my collection and re-evaluating some stuff.  I want to really look at what I have amassed. The following pics are from when we moved to our current location 7 years ago when Mr Man surprised me. I came home from work and let's just say it didn't have the effect he wanted

This is what his surprise was for me. o_O I know what everyone is thinking..LOL. He's still alive. He has no idea I took these photos a few years ago.  I ignored it for a bit and then I moved it all to a storage unit. I am finally deciding to work the room into my vision. I have chosen paint colors and now am plotting the storage and shelf space I want. This room is not very big so I have to make every choice count.  I want to paint it maybe next month when it cools down a bit.  

I pulled a couple (5) containers from storage to sort through dolls again. I get rid of dolls every few months or so. I decide who gets voted off this island. I will be posting from my collection and see who/what stays and who/what goes...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Clearance Love...This Time

A couple of weeks ago I was in Target because I heard they were doing 75% clearance sales. I had to check of course there were still things I wanted. I missed a lot of the LIV items but found some of the accessory packs for $1.28. I picked up a couple I missed or don't remember seeing. I also grabbed a couple more of those awesome jackets. Walking up the mostly bare aisles I spotted the SIS sets w/the little sisters. So for $5.74 I grabbed them off the shelf. Only one not there was the Trichelle set which I'm not too broke up about. 
 I also found a couple of the darker Alexis LIV dolls for $4.02 o_O.  You know I had to get them for bodies sake at least...
 The darker skinned doll is the perfect skin tone match as the Grace from the SIS line of dolls. Here is a shot of her on her new body. 

This picture came out kind of bright but I have other dolls her complexion that will be getting new bodies too. I also was in TJ Maxx and found this cutie that I never saw in TRU. For the price of a Moxie Teenz my Sunny(to be discussed in a later post) has a new friend :O)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Time For Play

I've good news and bad news..Good news 1st..I have a little more time for play and cleaning. That brings me to the bad news..My company is on strike :o( . I hope it's only a few days and nothing too long. 

Back to good. I was out and about with friends yesterday. We met for food and doll fun. I took some dolls with me. My friends brought theirs too for our play date :O)