Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Shopping

I had to go shopping yesterday so you know I had to shop a little :O) I went to Target for the purpose of finding the new Chelsea & friends dolls that I saw on the enabler Vanessa's blog. I found them and here they are...

I also found some clearance goodies. I like what I can buy for under $20. I have my 1st Moxie boy. The LIV fashion for under $8 perfect. Look at the cute ornaments. The snowflake will be a picture frame or a clock. The flatsy's are dolls for the girls.  I bought the penguin because it reminded me of Joey's penguin Hugsy (flashback city) on Friends. It was the episode when Rachel & her baby girl Emma stayed with Joey. Emma got attached to Hugsy and Joey wanted him back. He ended up giving Hugsy to her anyway.

I happened to spot some other goodies like some new LIV clothes and their dolls.  They have another new line with sleep eye action. If I get back I will take a picture.

I should've looked closer because they changed the knees (big yay), even though the old knees don't bother me, no arm articulation..WHAT THE O_o. I say if you have any of the older bodies at a store near you you may want to stock up if this is a sign of the new LIV dolls.

I spotted this Asian ballerina so I had to pick up the Fashionista to give her a new body :O)

I also spotted more but I did put back a lot of stuff. I picked up what I actually have use for and not stuff just because it was there. The Alexis is going up for sale for sure but the dress & wig are mine..LOL.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bye Bye Bye & Buy

In my attempts to help the man get some more feedback on his ebay account I'm listing items there. The last time he sold was 2 years ago. In all honesty I'm just using the free listings on his account..LOL. I'm using the dollpage but stuff seems to be selling for him and not me. So here is the link to his page and my goodies :O)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goodies To Share

I've have a couple of new goodies to share :O) I won this beautiful chair & ottoman from our own Vanessa   combined with a beautiful Silkstone I won from In The Pink (another awesome board I frequent). I thought to myself what would happen when I combine the two...hmmm??

Now the first thing I did was swap my Silkies body out because you know no movement just doesn't work for me. So here she is after her swap. After a day of horseback riding she relaxed on the new furniture :O)

Silkie: I adore this new chair. Do I get to keep it?
Me: Everyone will get a turn sooner or later
Silkie: Why? Once you set me up in a proper area it can stay with me.
Me: It doesn't work that way around here. Most everything is community property. Share and share alike

Silkie: I don't think I like this system.
Me: Word of advice you're new here so don't start trouble. Dolls that are selfish seem to disappear around here when I'm not around.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shipping Woes

Here we go again..sigh. I sent a package through our lovely postal service last month on the 15th to France. Last Saturday I get an email from my buyer to tell me he hasn't received said package yet. I did everything I was supposed to do. Buyer paid, I printed the label and sent it out. Package was handed over to a postal employee at my local post office. The package has yet to be scanned in anywhere -_- . I so need a break here. I have a statement from the postal employee and I have the receipt from the label I printed up on ebay.

I have contacted eBay, PayPal, and the postal customs unit. I'm praying for a miracle and hoping that everything I have will cover my a$$ because I don't want a charge back. The buyer didn't purchase insurance either so you see where I'm going with this right..oy vey. I know for next time to ship use Fedex.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ebon My Muse

I an going to continue my doll introductions with Ebon formerly The Muse. She has no last name and is still a mystery in some ways. She is a Mega Model in my world. So you see Ebon is like Iman is in reality. I fell in love with the Muse the 1st time I laid eyes on her. Her name matches her skin. Ebon is simply rich sounding so it's pronounced A-bon. There should be an accent over the E. For those who haven't seen my flickr pics here they are. This lady is beautiful. She works it in anything she wears. She's a keeper for sure :O)

Fashion credits:
Jumpsuit: Portrait of an Era Lana Turner
Sash: Foreign Affair set
Shoes: Spring Forward Eugenia 
Necklace: Toe ring from Claire's

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bijou & London

 I have been promising a good friend that I would post my Moxie Teenz. Here are my 2 faves Bijou & London. London came about  because I had 2 Bijou's and wondered what she would look like with different eyes :O) I have fun with these ladies and did take some pics finally.

Bijou & London


London in light

London goes dark

love her

Working It

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Korinne "Kori" Baxter

Getting back to my convention favorites this lady was a pleasant surprise. This beauty is from Vaughn's workshop. When we entered the workshop everyone was handed a slip of paper with a hair color on it. Suffice to say I was so not happy when I received blonde >_< As we watched Vaughn's presentation of how the dolls are produced from start to finish. By the end of the presentation you see these dolls on the screen in various looks (blonde, brunette). The blonde is gorgeous and my favorite of them all. So this is how Korinne "Kori" Baxter came to be in my collection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing Nina St-Croix...

I seem to be going through a doll depression of sorts. I guess all the excitement of conventions is over and all the adrenaline has left my body. Don't cry for me Argentina..LOL. I'm coming out of it now so no worries.

I'm just now getting into any sort of playing with my new stuff. I started with the most controversial doll so far from this years convention. They call her Style Counsel Adele but I call her Nina St.-Croix. She hails from Louisiana but you'd never know it. Other than her name she left that little Creole slip of a girl behind her a long time ago :O) She is CFO of Broadman Industries. That's as far as I've gotten with her background.

 I do love her face and as I've stated she's been renamed. I consider her to be Adele's long lost cousin. I haven't decided whether to not to de-bump her. I like her hair so far. That hair bump seems to have been a theme with a few dolls from the Jet Set line.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a Heads Up

I have a friend that I'm listing some convention stuff for so click the tab and go to my eBay sales. I'll be listing more as she figures out what else she doesn't want.  I'm throwing some stuff in the mix as well. Mine is mostly stuff that needs to go. I didn't buy too much at convention that I don't want. I did get rid of a Poppy Parker doll. While the traffic is good I'm going for it to see if I can pull some sales too. I'll be posting more in a bit. Got to go mail a doll to France :O)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jet Lag & New Goodies

Now I know you've all probably seen all the convention dolls all over the place but you don't know what I chose :O) I had such a fabulous time that I will go again next year.  

I shipped home all the dolls I received and or bought. This is what 41lbs of shipped dolls looks like..

Just to start I will simply title these pics...New Love

Style Counsel



Dynamite Girls
I know everyone doesn't love the Integrity line of dolls. I have days of posts to make. I will post room sales goodies tomorrow. I will also put the pics of the dolls we received from Integrity. I'm still suffering from jet lag here. So this is a post & run... I will give details tomorrow

Friday, September 30, 2011

Going to Be MIA Until After Convention

Hey everyone :O) 'Member me..maybe you don't, LOL. I'm sorry about my absence but I've been getting it all together for Chicago. I haven't picked up my camera in a couple of weeks. I am getting much attitude from my dolls at the moment. They are feeling the neglect. I promise I will be back to usual when I get back on the 9th..well actually the 10th :O)

I have been keeping up with everyone else's blogs. I just haven't commented on everything though. 

I'm still looking for a couple of things and I am done. I have one final check in with my friends who are also going to the FR convention tomorrow. Anything not done by Tuesday won't get done and will be scratched from the list. Thank goodness I had some time to prepare or this would be a race of ginormous proportions. I'm glad I did most of my prep ahead of time :O)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Finds May Be Old Finds

I was shopping (I know yes again..LOL) and came across some items that were really bargains. I went to TRU where I was happy to find my old friend the orange clearance sticker. I would find several items years ago with this sticker and get goodies for a quarter of the price.  I'm really trying to behave with the convention coming in 3 weeks but they keep throwing these things in my path..LOL

I so wanted this record player that came with this repro. Imagine my surprise when I not only spotted what I wanted but the doll was inside for $9.90.

As you can see from the box and this sticker someone must've kept helping themselves to different pieces..LOL.
I was in Kmart as well and they had clearance heaven too..LOL. I got these 2 Repros as well. I couldn't pass up on this one since it wasn't in the system they gave it to me for $18 o_O

 That's really all I bought except for the 4 dolls I bought from the Integrity sale...
Ok and I got this hunk from ebay for a lot cheaper than he's been going for :O)