Saturday, July 9, 2011

On My Way to TRU

I have to go there..really I do :O) I will be buying a couple more of the Pirate dolls. Today is the last day for the Buy 1 Get 1 Free on the Barbie Collector dolls $25 and up. I have found that they have gotten through the loophole in the sale by having a lot for $24.99 and also not including "everything" in the sale. They had Basic dolls at one TRU I went to and they should be in the sale since they're part of the Collector line (even says so in the case)..but no they aren't..hmm. Seems you need to scan all those goodies in your cart before you hit the register. You may not have some of the sale items in there. To avoid any embarrassment when you scan them the will let you know that it's part of the sale. No notice then it's just a regular doll you get no free doll with it or for it.. 

I want at least 2 more of the Angelica doll. Like someone pointed out $20 for a pivotal is a great deal. I know I have some ladies that need a body swap around here. Don't let me influence you in any way but I'll post some pics later. I already picked up a couple of the Jack Sparrow dolls. I feel that like at he would be sold out after this sale at TRU. You know they are going to want ridiculous prices for him on that bidding site that we all frequent from time to time :O)

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