Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slow and Steady...You Know The Rest

I had a busy day. I went to my monthly doll club meeting and I picked up my IFDC goodies. Thank God for friends who can get you things for retail..LOL. 

I also have the pictures of the couple of new LIV accessory sets I saw at TRU. I thought I had more pics but I guess these were all I found that were new. 

I have more goodies that have come in. I will be posting once I get the pictures together tomorrow...hehehe Got you all hooked and waiting to see ;O)


  1. I love the Liv sets! I have been looking at the bbq set for a while but I need more clothing and shoes first. Too bad the guy's stuff doesn't come with shoes. Hey have you swapped the guys body out onto any Ken dolls?

  2. No I left poor Jake alone. I have swapped heads on some of my men. I'm still looking for bodies for some of the off color ones. It's not easy getting bodies. Most of my guys are soldiers since a lot of Ken's were not approved by the ladies..LOL

  3. I too love the new LIV sets. They have some new LIV outfits that I was really loving, too. I have to wait for the next sale. Hope it doesn't come too soon!

  4. I haven't seen the new Liv stuff yet. I have been so busy buying clearance stuff and Basic Models before the new ones come out.