Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Premiere" Dreams

My newest title gives way to the fact that I'm still dreaming about all the fun I had in L.A. at the Fashion Royalty Premiere Convention.

We flew out of Newark airport on United Airlines. The flight was six hours oy vey. Thank goodness I had my travel dolls with me. This year I chose a classic and a newer doll to accompany me. Let me introduce Morgan (Splendid Jordan) & Antoinette (Urban Antoinette Adele)

The flight out was 6 hours long. When did it become the norm for airlines to charge you for everything except water & soda. Maybe  it's me or the airline I chose..LOL.  We arrived safe & sound.

Day 1: We arrived the day before the actual festivities.
 There was a pumpkin carving contest put on by the hotel employees. I really liked this one. My ladies couldn't resist a photo op.

I met up with my friend Cecile aka Chynadoll Creations. First thing I unpacked was my shopping bags. I was tired as all get out but shop I must. I use the big bags from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. If you pick up several items you can carry them with less trips to your room. We picked up a couple of items here and there. I will show pics in the end.

Shopping on a budget. Yes this is possible to do at any convention. I've tried making a list the last two years. I try to stick to "THE LIST" as much as possible. I do have certain items that may be deal breakers. If I'm in a room and I see a doll I've been looking for and the price is too good to resist I may keep a couple of items on my list. Or I may stretch the budget a little more.

Always ask what they accept as payment. Some people do cash, Paypal, credit cards, and even checks. 

We found a room that had some great items. I found the clothing below in the $1 bin. You read right $1!! I even found some items for some of my bigger ladies. I spent $24 total in this room

The green suit in the 1st pic was $1 for both pieces
 The white rose skirt, the sparkly skirt, & burgundy top were $10
After a couple of course I had to go get some sleep. The first day was a great success for me.  I'll leave you with some scenic shots until part II


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still Going...

I'm still in the process of clearing out my clutter. If I knew the task would take this long I would've cloned myself..LOL

I've started listing everything on ebay so if you need some new goodies. You can click the Sales Page at the top or here's my link to ebay

I listed some Silkstones, Convention goodies,  Madame Alexander, & some Fashion Royalty. Back to the grind as they say :O)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friends, Food, & Dolls..Oh My

I'm still here just not posting....
I've been trying to keep to my clearing things out task. I have a lot to go but I have to take the pics to post the stuff to sell. I've never enjoyed the whole organizing thing even if it is necessary :O/ 

I took time out of my agonizing task to go out with friends for food & doll time. Any doll time is necessary. My friends Marti, Joelle, Ebony, & my sweetie John met at Brother Jimmy's BBQ. The food is delicious but must remind myself not to go eat when I'm starving LOL. A good time was had by all. We discussed the newest releases coming from Integrity, Mattel, and just new stuff in general. 

After eating Ebony, John, & I headed to Bryant Park for some doll fun. I must admit John was OK with our doll fun :O) Here are some pics. My models of choice are Eden, Annik, Adele aka Ms. One, Natalia, & Dania. Ebony's ladies are Ayumi & Darla. Our photo sessions ended early due to the heat and a sudden rainstorm. I have to shout out some talented ladies who's Etsy shops should see some business. 
Ms. One & Dania

Adele aka Ms One
Ayumi, Annik, Natalia, Darla, Dania Eden, Adele

The ladies

Fashion credits:
Annik's  awesome maxi is from Shasha of AtelierniShasha fame. 

Eden & Natalia are wearing gowns from Sweet Jasmine Designs 

Adele's dress I bought from my talented friend Shane. 

Dania's dress was also purchased at convention. Not sure who the creator is but I love it :O)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Been Busy Working On Downsizing

Hey everyone sorry to be M.I.A. but I've been working on my goal of downsizing the collection. I've been sorting and boy is this work..phew. I've come across stuff I forgot I bought. I started listing on ebay. I'm trying to keep the auctions manageable by doing 20 or so at a time. 

I have lots of stuff going so click the link at the top for my sales link to my eBay page :O)

But just in case here it is again:
Dollz4moi's Auctions

P.S. Don't let shipping quotes scare you off. I will send correct invoices

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Just Couldn't Resist

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted.  Time sure flies and I've been having fun. I have so much to catch up on, some old some new. I know you're all curious about the title so let's get to it..

So last week or was that two weeks ago Kmart had the unheard of Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all Barbie and they meant ALL. I ran to the Big K to see what was left. I missed out on my first $20 discount on but Kmart so made up for it. The beauty was no shipping costs :O) So I managed to get the following goodies

Look dolls & outfits

Katniss, Look clothing, & Spain
I paid for the dolls first then the clothing I found and bought the Look dolls for $24.99 and the outfits for $19.99. Katniss was on sale for $24.99 from $32. Katniss and Spain were $24.99 and the outfits the same as the first set. So I spent $90 on what would cost well over $190 (remember Katniss was on sale). Did anyone else hit the sale?

I wish they would do this more often. I remember when TRU did this a few times a year but the sale was limited to dolls that were $19.99 and less. That's when the Dolls of The World fell into that sale..ah the good old days :O)

Monday, January 7, 2013

The First Lady of 2013

She has arrived and was well worth the wait. I'm so glad I had some extra money for the deal she was :O) My 1st lady of 2013..IFDC Exclusive Shake It Up Korinne!!

 The coloring of this lady is exquisite. I love her. This one I must blame on one of my very good friends Marti. His photos of this beauty made me crave her.  I love that she appears to have a BOD (Brides of Dracula) body. Excuse the cleavage but the lady is HOT!!  

She already has an ego since she feels she's numero uno but Adele has something to say about that. I mean the very 1st Adele. She's #1 and has been for years. She might have to flex her muscles with this one..LOL
This lady will be seen a lot along with a few others. I plan to photograph my dolls more. They have been neglected long enough. I feel some joy coming back. Stay tuned 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Behind Curtain One We Have...

My first mystery lady...World On A String Eugenia. She was the doll I purchased before Main Attitude Adele but arrived here after. It's odd how the mail works at times. I consider her my last lady of 2012. 


 I do love everything about this beauty. She has side glancing eyes but they work in this instance.

It was Robyne of Desperately Seeking Dolls fame who helped me see her clearly. I knew I saw her before, but it was Robyne who made me see the helper version Point of Departure Eugenia (FR Convention 2011)resemblance. 

 I wanted this beauty before that. That bag is gorgeous and her ensemble is a mix & match haven. I can say I'm 100% happy with her. What's your opinion? I'd like to know :O)

This is Lucky one of my furry kids. He just had to get in on the act. He's such a ham but a very cute ham ;O)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The End & New Beginnings

I hope everyone's holidays were great. I spent my 1st day of the new year doing absolutely nothing..LOL. I watched a couple of marathons on TV. They had some of my favorites playing so I had a choice of The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, & The Odd Couple. Love Ralph Kramden..bang, zoom, to the moon. I can talk TV all day long :O) . 

The last day of the year bought me Main Attitude Adele. I love everything about her except her face..hmmm. I do have two other ladies with this new facemold but Main Attitude would be dead last for me. I'm hoping I can get her tweaked somewhere along the new year. She is the first of the new facemold to have the straight black hair. Maybe it's the side glancing eyes. She takes great pics but she's off for me IRL. I know she is getting a lot of love from others but you can't win them all. Check out her awesome accessories. Love the shoes, purse, jewelry, & the outfit.

I also have another new lady technically bought in 2012 but she arrives sometime this week. I still consider her a 2012 goody. I do have a 1st lady for 2013 but she will remain a mystery until she arrives. Two mystery ladies remain to enter the vinyl community. 

I've made no resolutions this year except to really limit the amount of dolls coming in. Me saying I will stick to 10 dolls is crazy. That will never happen. I picked up 10+ dolls at The Fashion Royalty Convention alone. I don't set limits but I think Fashion Royalty will be my main focus. I believe I can limit myself to less than 10 Barbie's. There have been no Barbie's that I feel I missed out on in 2012. All the hyped up dolls were boring to me. I didn't like the finished product on a few dolls that sold out.

Stay tuned for my upcoming sales announcement. There are a lot of dolls being voted off the island. Consider this my New Year Clearance Sale. Time for some to be loved in their new homes :O)