Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bargain Shopping

We went out for dinner tonight and since we were in the same area as TRU you know I had to go..LOL. Actually I was asked if I wanted to go since we were out that way already. Of course I said YES. Big disappointment they had nothing I wanted. Justin Bieber dolls are 25% off the already high price. I picked up the couple that I wanted when they were $9.99 a couple of months ago ;O) . 

Finding nothing there I decided to go to Kmart (since we are out there) and I found a beauty I have been coveting since last year. I've been scanning this doll at two different Kmart's for months always the same price. So even for what I knew she was or would be priced  I scanned her. 

This beautiful lady came up $3.99!! I had to have John check the scanner because you know I thought I didn't see a digit. I had a START THE CAR!! moment. For those who don't know that's one of my favorite commercials. The lady thinks she's gotten away with that great of a deal so she's yelling at her husband running from the store. Even when the cashier rang me up she was like $4 are there any more back there. I need 3..LOL. I told her to check..heck they may have some hidden in the back.

I'm finally the proud owner of AA Holiday Barbie 2010. I looked to see if there were any more but she was the only one. If that wasn't fate then I'm not sure what is :)


  1. START the CAR! START the CAR! One of my favorite commercials, too. Get the ________ out of her! What a steal! It was your definitely your lucky day.

  2. Thank you Ms. Van. Still chuckle when I think about it. Perseverance counts for something..LOL

  3. Wow, that was a great deal! I try to always scan especially clearance items. I found some birthstone dolls at Walmart for $6, I snatched up all that they had. Lol! Congrats on getting a wonderful deal!!