Monday, January 30, 2012

She's Here!! She's Here!! My 1st 2012 Purchase

Yes, she has arrived earlier than expected. This lady has been on my grail list for a few years. It was only through an awesome sale that I did get her. I spied her for sale on a friends Flickr for a mere $95 (can you say bargain?).  I am so thankful that I was able to put her on hold (thank you Mel aka CarmMelDoll). So without further ado I present to you all...Overachiever Eugenia. 
For anyone that's curious here she is in her original outfit I wasn't able to buy this lady when she was 1st released as an MFD or My Favourite Doll  exclusive in 2007.  Any time she came up for sale she was snapped up too quick or way too expensive for me (Did I tell you all that I'm cheap?). Her price was perfect for me ;O).  She will be redressed several times over. This lady was about #4 on my grail list. I will expound (real brainy sounding, right ;O)) on my grail list in later posts.  

I'm slower than most everyone else but she is my first purchase for 2012 :O) I bought her nude which is never a problem for me. This is what I went through to get the above shot. This outfit works for her for now (she strongly disagrees).

Eugenia: I don't like this ensemble you've put me in. The skirt is too short.
Me: Well get over it. That's what you're wearing for the moment until I find something else for you.
Eugenia: If you insist I-
Me: I insist and that's the end right now, thank you.

Eugenia: How's my hair?
Me: Beautiful but I relaxed your curl a bit.
Eugenia: What do you mean you relaxed it a bit?
Me: The curl was a little tight and made you look spinsterish
Eugenia: o_O
Me: What?!

Eugenia: I need to see every angle of this relaxation..
Me: Seriously
Eugenia: Seriously. My hair is my one outstanding glory you understand. (Just so you all know this version of Eugenia speaks with a clipped British accent in my mind)
Me: Fine.. 


Me: Satisfied 
Eugenia: Immensely. Your a doll, love :O) 
Me: You should really talk to the others about the rules around here..

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Made My 1st Dolly Purchase of the New Year

I'm not going to say who she is but I can take another off my grail list :O). She will be in my hot little hands in the beginning of February. I have to post because my anticipation level is so high.  I've wanted this lady for about a year since I missed getting her when she came out. It always makes you feel bad when dolls pop up for sale and your $$ is not right.  I'm so glad I'm patient enough to wait for my dolls to cross my path at the right time.  Now you all get to suffer with me until she gets here.. In the words of Bugs Bunny "I'm a stinker ain't I?"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolly Daze

I was happy to be invited to join a couple of bloggers that I follow and occasionally post on. I was able to get together with Frannie of Thriftstoredolls and Cecile of Chynadollcreations fame. I had a fabulous time meeting both of these ladies. We met at Cecile's house (I was about 20 mins late..sorry again). The ladies greeted me with smiles and a warm welcome. We talked a bit, enjoyed some pizza, and then we shopped for supplies. 

Once we got back to Cecile's we pulled out the stuff to be redone. I didn't take pictures of everything before but there are a couple of pieces everyone should be familiar with. I brought a container of things I always wanted to be repainted but never jumped into. I had a few My Scene pieces from the Party Pad.They are still in the transitional stage but this is what I have so far.

Party Pad fireplace before

My Scene pieces in transition
 Cecile is a true master of arts & crafts. She helped me (a lot) with the furniture painting. I also had a Happy Family Kitchen (no pictures of yet). Fran had some great pieces as well. I had spray paint duty..LOL. I painted Fran's furniture and part of the HF kitchen. I have the before shot of Frannie's set but not after...oops
table set before
repainted to black leather

Frannie had a couple of dolls that Cecile helped her with. 

Cecile gave me a Scary Spice doll that she graciously transformed while I watched. Cecile's is very talented. Here are the before and during pics. 
Artist working stand back

Here is her after. I had to fix her hair today before taking her pictures. She has such a beautiful face the hair had to be done. I haven't decided on her name yet but she's definitely not Scary anymore :O)

Here is a shot of the mess we made creating. Cecile is a great teacher. We will definitely get together for more fun. 
Creative chaos

I also received a Dance LIV Alexis doll from Frannie. I actually wanted this doll just for her clothes and wigs alone. I thank you Frannie.
I had a great time and can't wait for the next get together. I have tons more of stuff to be redone :O)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Look

Happy New Year everyone. I wanted to start the new year with a new look. I may tweak it some more but I'm liking it so far..what do you think? 

I hope to post more this year but no promises :O). I may return later with more maybe not..hmm