Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Shopping

I had to go shopping yesterday so you know I had to shop a little :O) I went to Target for the purpose of finding the new Chelsea & friends dolls that I saw on the enabler Vanessa's blog. I found them and here they are...

I also found some clearance goodies. I like what I can buy for under $20. I have my 1st Moxie boy. The LIV fashion for under $8 perfect. Look at the cute ornaments. The snowflake will be a picture frame or a clock. The flatsy's are dolls for the girls.  I bought the penguin because it reminded me of Joey's penguin Hugsy (flashback city) on Friends. It was the episode when Rachel & her baby girl Emma stayed with Joey. Emma got attached to Hugsy and Joey wanted him back. He ended up giving Hugsy to her anyway.

I happened to spot some other goodies like some new LIV clothes and their dolls.  They have another new line with sleep eye action. If I get back I will take a picture.

I should've looked closer because they changed the knees (big yay), even though the old knees don't bother me, no arm articulation..WHAT THE O_o. I say if you have any of the older bodies at a store near you you may want to stock up if this is a sign of the new LIV dolls.

I spotted this Asian ballerina so I had to pick up the Fashionista to give her a new body :O)

I also spotted more but I did put back a lot of stuff. I picked up what I actually have use for and not stuff just because it was there. The Alexis is going up for sale for sure but the dress & wig are mine..LOL.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bye Bye Bye & Buy

In my attempts to help the man get some more feedback on his ebay account I'm listing items there. The last time he sold was 2 years ago. In all honesty I'm just using the free listings on his account..LOL. I'm using the dollpage but stuff seems to be selling for him and not me. So here is the link to his page and my goodies :O)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goodies To Share

I've have a couple of new goodies to share :O) I won this beautiful chair & ottoman from our own Vanessa   combined with a beautiful Silkstone I won from In The Pink (another awesome board I frequent). I thought to myself what would happen when I combine the two...hmmm??

Now the first thing I did was swap my Silkies body out because you know no movement just doesn't work for me. So here she is after her swap. After a day of horseback riding she relaxed on the new furniture :O)

Silkie: I adore this new chair. Do I get to keep it?
Me: Everyone will get a turn sooner or later
Silkie: Why? Once you set me up in a proper area it can stay with me.
Me: It doesn't work that way around here. Most everything is community property. Share and share alike

Silkie: I don't think I like this system.
Me: Word of advice you're new here so don't start trouble. Dolls that are selfish seem to disappear around here when I'm not around.