Monday, July 7, 2014

Containers, Boxes, & Bags..Oh My

As I go through my massive collection I've noticed an ongoing theme containers, boxes, & bags. Over the years I've bought varying sizes of containers for storage of dolls, their clothing, & furniture. I also noticed that I accumulated several plastic bags. In my earlier attempts of organization the quickest holder was a plastic bag. When I look around I notice an abundance of plastic bags and let's not forget those cardboard boxes. We're all guilty of using that box that other dolls came in to hold other dolls. As I open containers, boxes, & bags I find some items I've been searching for and others I thought were sold.

To refresh my memory this was my starting point when I opened my door of horrors. This was the result of letting a non-collector "help" me store some things.

No one loves your collection like you do, unless you should have another collector as your signifigant other. Once I opened my eyes and started this task I had the illusion that I could be done with this in under 6 months (insert maniacal laugh here). I'm no Martha Stewart so without a team of experts I'm on my own. I realize this will take me about a year or so to do this correctly. All this overflow & excess is slowly but surely making it's way to ebay.  I want it to one day get to my mecca

These are not mine but you get the idea of what I want to achieve :O)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shopping Faux Pas...Maybe

OK so I've been behaving myself lately. I joined The WClub (of course I did) but decided against Barbie Collector this year. I've had a steady love affair with the pink aisle since 1995. Lately I have felt no love for what has been offered in the Barbie world. I have been able to resist buying a lot of the offerings for a while.  So my faux pas falls into the 60% off clearance sale going on @TRU. Now wait before you chuckle and say she went on a binge I knew it.  I did but a small one of sorts..LOL

 I was only looking for Neighthan Rot when I went in.  As you can see I found him and some other things :O) I had to get Jasper once I checked the scanner price and it said $10.80. I love his hair, I was looking for Emmett too at this price. I wanted the Divergent guy but definitely didn't like his original price tag. I was led to him by a post on one of my groups saying they were on clearance for $13.48 O_o

The vending machine I have an idea for (the man made me buy it) since it was now $8. I love the LDD garden set for the table & chairs set $7. My Bratz need those Bratzilla clothes & boots. If you're looking for Neighthan I found mine on a shelf with the Lalaloopsy's.  Someone must have changed their mind and left him there. Thank you whoever you were :OD

 I am listing more stuff for sale on eBay this week :O)

Oh and Neighthan was $22.99

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Finding "Lost" Love Again

If you've been following my boring blog , LOL, you know I've been working on clearing out my clutter. In the midst of all this clearing & selling I've been finding things I have been searching for. It's so much fun finding lost loves. 

Case in point: I have a love hate relationship with Skin Is In Kyori. I loved her when I bought her originally from my dealer but a few years later when Living Dangerously Kyori came along Skin was on my sell list. Imagine my surprise when I started having a longing for Skin. I've been checking ebay for them constantly for a decent price.  I was shocked further when today I discovered Sin (her new name) in a container I haven't thought about in quite some time.

Sin will be getting an upgrade since her original body has yellowed. I'm in love with her and I didn't have to buy another!!   My story doesn't end with Sin. She wasn't alone in the container. 

In one instant I found some of my ladies I knew I owned. I know Jordan's hands are missing now I have to find those LOL. Check your unopened storage boxes & containers to see what "loves" you'll find :O)

 FYI yellowing is a common problem with older Fashion Royalty dolls. There must be a problem with the formula for the vinyl used back then. I have rebodied quite a few of my ladies with this issue. If you buy some of the older FR's you may encounter this issue so be prepared.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Deja Vu Post..LOL

Hello all my faithful followers it's been a while since I've posted. I know I know life, work, insert excuse here :O) But I'm faithfully working on clearing out some goodies. I will be posting some Barbie, Fashion Royalty, & other stuff on ebay. I have some auctions going now. I believe there is a link when you hit the tab on top but if not here you go:

I promise to make another appearance soon and back with goodies to share. Some old stuff and some new stuff. I have an archive of things to share. Until then I'll be back..dun dun dun

Friday, February 14, 2014


I hope you all enjoy this day. I wish you love for all the rest of the days too.
Natalia Isha & Adele
I will be back to blogging soon. Sorry for the delay. The ladies in the picture are Light Strike Natalia, Shimmering Copper Isha, & Gold Glam Adele