Friday, July 1, 2011

Keeping My Word...

Keeping my word to myself. I have been going through my storage unit to decide what has been voted off the island. I find it's getting easier for me to let things go. I just have to get the pictures uploaded to my show & sell page :O) . 

I have bought 3 of the Moxie Teenz dolls in hopes of getting a match for my Daisy dolls. I love them but they need some movement so they don't meet the demise of my Gene dolls. I have also made it clear to myself that I need to keep to my schedule. I also have made up a box of stuff that I can't do anything with so to donation they go. 

Just to make this more fun here are some random shots of dolls :O) I also bought my 1st Agnes doll from my friend Marti. Love her and need to dress her and a ton of others. She's not happy that I am posting this pic of her not looking her best 

I rooted in Japan Ken's widow's peak cause I like it like that
I added a pic of a lot of clothes I received. I needed a couple of those repro clothing sets they look great on my ladies.


  1. I need to do the same . Love your new page design.

  2. Thank you much Ms GG ;O) I wish you all the best in your clear out