Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flea Market Fun

I was talked into going to Englishtown (flea market) and boy am I glad I went. I wasn't enthusiastic at first since we were leaving  after noon which means all the good stuff is usually gone. I didn't take a ton of money but for about $20 I found some goodies I'm proud of. 

My 1st find of the day I picked up the Sophie & two NFL Jerseys for $3. I love LIV bodies for body swaps. Those jerseys will come in handy for either the ladies or a couple of guys.

Next find I up 3 dolls and 2 books (not pictured) for $6. Not sure which Christie's or Teresa this is. Teresa must be a ballerina (note the purple colored plastic legs). The Christie's are pretty. They came dressed as you see them. Teresa is having a slight wardrobe malfunction.

The last find of the day I was uber happy because I spotted the Princess of Ancient Mexico for $4. She doesn't have her headdress,  necklace, or armlets but hey for $4 I'm still happy. I've wanted her for quite some time. She is one of those dolls I regret not buying when she was on the shelves.  The other dolls were $1 each and with some cleaning up they'll be great. I found a Esmeralda, one of the twins from the 12 Dancing Princesses, Skipper, not sure who the blonde is but I thought she was cute, My Scene Chelsea, and an Asha faced cutie.

Kind of makes me wonder what I would've found if we were there earlier. I know I would've spent more than $20...LOL.