Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bet You All Thought I Forgot

I didn't forget..Here are the overdue pics from the Flea Market and my TRU buy 1 get 1 free Barbie Collector sale stuff. These were the only things I could get from the stuff they actually had included in the sale. Not that I minded one bit..well maybe a little. None of the stores I went to had any of the new collector items on the shelves.

I love the outfit on the long haired Teresa doll (I assume she's a Teresa). As for Barbie in the middle not sure if she's a repro or the real deal vintage. Her body is solid, no twist waist, no bending knees. Of course Sophie from the LIV line needs no real intro. I figure her body may come in handy. 

From the B1G1F sale I scored 3 Angelica's and 3 Jack Sparrows. Although I have a picture of 4. The other 2 have been opened and I will play with them this weekend. So photo shoot coming ;O)

I picked up a couple of things a few days ago. I found one of the new Fashionistas. I love the sweatshirt and the boots. The sweatshirt will go on one of my teen dolls. The roller skating set was on clearance and I love that the skates roll.

This is a picture of the 18" doll that I love and will buy her soon. I will cave and buy her. She is a Karito Kid doll. I forgot her name


  1. Dolls4moi,
    Great finds!
    I think you may have a vintage straight leg Barbie. It should be marked Japan on the backside. Also look under the hair and see if there are any other dates. The following website has a list of all the reproduction Barbies.
    Anyone that looked like yours had a TNT waist. That is a good sign that it may be vintage.

  2. Yeah, she sure looks vintage to me. I believe she's a standard Barbie. Those dolls used the new (at the time) TNT face, but didn't have a TNT waist. I have several of these dolls myself. If she's a true standard she shouldn't have eyelashes, but if she does it could be some kid played head swap with them long ago.
    Great find!

  3. @Frannie thank you for the website. I bookmarked it. I'm excited now that I got a vintage doll for $2. She seems to be a Standard.

    @Aubrey yes she seems to be a standard. She has all the markings on her body and the rim of her head. No eyelashes. She's perfect except for a couple of white stains on her face and black spot on one of her legs. Her hair is perfect no missing plugs. She's beautiful now I need to dress her :O)

  4. It's so nice to be able to enjoy other people's purchases, seeing how I have vowed not to buy anything until I get a few items that are already on the list. The first one on the list is a little pricey, so it will be a while.

  5. @Vanessa..I'm putting myself on a shopping hiatus until the Basic 3.0 dolls launch at After that I'm stopping until October for FR convention. Must save and sell :O)

  6. Very nice haul! I love the Jack and Angelica dolls. I see why you bought several. They make a lovely couple. Karito is too cute!! I too am suppose to be on no doll shopping, but it is not going so well. Lol! I pre-ordered some dolls and just paid the remaining balance in my mind they don't count. Lol!

    P.S. I am attending FR Convention also and would love to meet you. This will be my first Wu Con.

  7. U did great hon! U lucked out on a vintage Barbie for a great price. Can't wait to see what you've done for her! Your Karito doll is very cute! I see you going for the bigger girls - LOL!

  8. @Angie..LOL. I'm resisting but she's so cute :O) I already have 3 not trying to build a whole tribe..hehehe