Thursday, May 12, 2016

We Interrupt This Day With A New Post

Hello everyone. The clearing out is still ongoing. I've been listing items on ebay since I have time. I'm out on strike so on my down days I sell. I'd rather be working but hey...

Not new news to some but there are new Barbie's out there. The Fashionistas now come with Petite, Curvy, & Tall bodies. My wishlist included a couple. I looked over the ladies long and hard but decided on four. My wonderful man bought me the ladies on my list to lift my spirits. This had the desired effect he was going for. These are the 4 ladies I decided I wanted with the new bodies.

 They are from left to right: Spring Into Style, Dolled Up Denim, Fab Fringe, & Terrific Teal.

My favorite is the curly redheaded beauty. Imagine my surprise when I realized she really doesn't match her body. 

The hunt is on for a new body. I know the MTM (made to move) seems to work but I'm not sure if that's the body I want for her. I chose two for their uniqueness.

I love Spring & Teal's faces in these versions. I know Teal will need a new body too. I would love to keep the original body. I wish Mattel would've given them legs that had bending ability. I'm going to experiment with Curvy the Goddess face one. That one bent arm is annoying to me, lol.