Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Showing Some Kelly Love

I know somewhere in the beginning of this blog I talked about my Kelly collecting. I have been a collector of a Barbie's little sister since her inception back in '95. Kelly & friends are the cutest things. Her friends include Tommy, Tamika, Deidre, Jenny, Nia, Kerstie and more. You can find all the info on Kelly at L'il Friends of Kelly .  Mattel decided in 2011 to change Kelly to Chelsea for some made up reason. Here is a small glimpse of my collection. 

These are all classic Kelly & friends I consider my play kids. Forgive the naked kids I have to redress a few. Some of the empty spaces had doubles I pared down.

These are some of the OOAK's (one of a kind) I've collected over the years. I have many more that I've received as gifts over the years. I will have to inventory them all one day.

I've also picked up some Japanese versions of  kids. These are what they called Licca Kindergarteners