Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swap Anyone?

Yes I said swap as in body swap :O). I have switched a couple of my OHC girls onto new bodies. I'm sorry but their original bodies are just not my cup of tea. I switched the little redhead girl I got on clearance from Tarjay 1st.   I figured if it didn't work hey I didn't spend any real $$ on her.

I just got the AA sister set tonight and they screamed SWAP US!!! I found the body donors I had for them and swap they did :O). I'm glad this set actually exists even though they never came to my area.

The lil redhead girl is really pale so she doesn't have bendy knees. I hope there will be a pale lil articulated body one day.

Jessica Rose

Both the black girls have articulated bodies now..WOOHOO


The older sister's a lil shorter than her original body but it works much better for me. I have lots of Stacie sized clothing for her to change into. I renamed her Kyla since the other doll will stay with the original name Kayla Rae


I still have a Kayla Rae on her original body. I wish I could find a taller darker skinned body for her. I have lots of dolls and I will find a taller body for her.

Forgive any stray hairs or threads. I just snapped quick pics of them all with their new bodies. I have a body for Hannah Faith I just have to find it..hmm

I Love Shopping Part II

I will have two posts tonight because I have two different things to share. This part is just to show the rest of the stuff I got from last week's TRU sale.  My bonus is just about used up but I Had fun spending some and I banked some ;O)

I bought these ladies to finish my SIS collection. Now I'm still missing Rocawear Kara but I will have to pay full price for her at Wally World.

I also bought myself a couple of new Only Hearts Club dolls.  The OHC girls I bought because they never showed up in my area. I searched for the Asian and the other AA girl for a while. I all but gave up. I paid full price for them but they are so worth it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love Shopping

I love shopping for toys :O) I couldn't resist the 50% Ken Barbie sale at TRU. I wish it applied to everything but I'm happy with what it did cover. I was able to fill in a couple of the gaps in my SIS dolls. I also picked up some things because they were cheap and body swaps happen around here. 

I also found myself a Diana Ross doll on the cheap on my eBay spree. She was in a lot with Ricky Ricardo in his tux. I've wanted one of these ladies for a while. They do tend to be a bit pricey at times. She was already on an articulated bod so that made it so much better.  They are both welcome additions to my vinyl world. I need to find something for her to wear she came to me nude.

My Momoko came too and I love her. I needed a brunette in the mix. I will set her free soon.

This pic is totally not doll related. I was out with some friends in the city and we were walking down 5th Avenue and spotted the Louis Vuitton display. All of these are purses and other clothing items made to look like animals. I just loved the concept

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Momoko Musings..Oy Vey

Ok I must confess that after posting elsewhere I would keep my Momoko numbers down to the 3 I own. Inowown4 (there I said it). I'm so glad a certain someone has no interest in my blog..LOL. I went and bought this beauty. I know I know she just captured me with that short hair, those red lips, and the good deal didn't hurt either.  I originally had 4 and sold one nude. Out with Puppy got sold a couple of years ago. Darling Denim took her place. I got them all from a good friend who sold them to me for a song. I could never afford the original price on Whiter Shade of Pure Blue.There are ones I wish I had or just want their clothes (insert evil laugh here) really want the clothes of some. I've really got to stop looking at dolls after I read others blogs..won't help but hey what can I say. I didn't order any of the new Integrity dolls so I have some free $$ to play this year :O) 

Snow White

Out w/Puppy, Sugary Cafe Au Lait , Whiter Shade of Pure Blue
Darling Denim Angel

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Shopping Fun

I finally found the Sophie from the LIV in Wonderland set. I really just want to steal her outfit and maybe her body as well. I bought the 3 Basic accessory packs from since they haven't seemed to hit my area yet. I got them cheaper from since I used my 1st $20 credit. I have to open them and style some ladies and one of my guys. I'm disappointed that the gold sweater has no opening in the back. It's a good thing I have some ladies who are used to getting their heads popped off..LOL My honey doesn't know it yet but I got a bonus and spent some of the $$ on me..hehehe. Well we did buy him a TomTom GPS for the car. I bought myself a Nadja and a couple of DG's (Dynamite Girls) from Integrity since they still have a nice sale going. She will get photos once she arrives hopefully tomorrow.

I also snagged the new Basic Lea faced doll. I said I wasn't but she's in so that's all I have to say about that :OP

I also picked up a couple of other LIV's from the Makin Waves line. I picked up Jake and Katie (love her lipstick). The Littlest Pet Shop cat I've been searching for since a friend of mine had it and I so wanted that sushi set up it comes with :O).

I also picked up the Computer Engineer Babs. I'm working on making myself a Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds fame. I just love the glasses and the bluetooth she's rocking

I bought this silver box at TJ Maxx and thought I could use it as a coffee table but it may be too big..what do you think?