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Sandy's Aftermath

I'll start with Happy Halloween. We survived Sandy but the cleanup will be going on for a while. I posted these pics on Facebook but I'll put them here as well. We had water 40 feet from our door. Thank God it receded but the mess it left behind. Most of the pics are from the water & wind damage

Yes that is a tanker that got washed up down the street from us. I thank God that everyone survived. I've heard from lots of family and friends. Now I hope the cleanup gets underway quickly. I need to get back to the city for work & my sanity.

Hurricane Sandy Update

Well friends it's 7:45pm and all is well for now. There has been a lot of wind and some flooding down the street from me. It's a little scarier now that the sun has gone down. I can usually see Manhattan from my bedroom or kitchen window.  It's not there now. I just hope & pray that everyone stays safe throughout this.

 I will try to post again if we still have power.

Tropicalia 2012 Recap- Part II

Sorry this took a little longer than anticipated. I overslept but I'm in under my deadline :O)

Day 3 - I went to the WClub luncheon and the centerpiece was the lovely Elise. I had the chance to buy her but sold her to a bigger fan than I.  

We also received a gorgeous FR2 shoe pack (no pic yet). Three sets of shoes for the FR2's in your life. After lunch it was nap time or packing time in my case. I actually started to get everything together Friday night. I decided not to ship a thing O_o . So before the final Saturday night dinner I worked my suitcases like a game of Tetris..LOL. I still ended up buying a duffle bag to use as my 2nd carry on for the plane ride home.

My recap is not as full as some others but I'm getting to the goodies now. I may have to put up a Part III for a couple of other things I picked up. I did stick with my list but a couple of other goodies slipped in LOL 

From the convention collection I came home with 3 ladies. Adele, Colette, & Natalia.


Selling Some Dolls

I know I still owe you all Part II of my convention recap but I've been sidetracked. I have started my selling spree again. If you go to the Sales tab above and click on my ebay sales. I've got some FR, Monster High, and there will be some clothing & more. Part II of convention recap will be up later this afternoon or evening.

Think of this as a commercial interruption..LOL

Hey this also my 100th post..WOOHOO!!

Tropicalia 2012 Recap - Part I

The convention was held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida. We arrived at the hotel on early Wednesday afternoon. This was the view from our room inside & out. 

Gorgeous right :O) Here are some shots of the lobby. There are some beautiful Asian themed items there.  I love the jade ship in the lobby.

My travel dolls I chose for this trip were Nadja & Erin. Erin sort of got waylaid as it took too much time to redress two dolls everyday, so Nadja got the full time job as it were. Reese belongs to my friend & convention roommate Cecile ofChynadoll Creations fame (adorable isn't she?).
Day 1 - Room shopping was 1st then hit the meet & greet by the pool. No pictures but a fun time was had by me. I was even mistaken for someone famous..LOL. Not sure who they thought I was but I made 3 new friends

Day 2 - Thursday
Was up bright and early for registration (7 am) then hit the line for the souvenir shop. The shop opened at 1 and we stayed put there for over 5 h…