Sunday, September 16, 2012

Florida or Bust!!

It's that time of year again. The countdown is on for my 2nd Fashion Royalty Convention. This years theme is Tropicalia and I haven't really made an preparations except for airline & hotel. I have to shop for at least a dress or something..LOL. I will try to post a couple of times before then but if I don't you know why. 

This year I made a list of stuff I'm looking for. I'm focused and I will share my list after convention. It's like playing Poker, you never show your hand. I'm also working on my travel doll(s). Not sure if I want 1 or 2 dolls this time around. I know who my 1st doll is but not sure of the other. 

I hope to see a few friends and make some more friends while there. I don't remember what my table number is but I will post it. If you're going drop by and say hello :O)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goody Overload

 As  promised (even though I'm late) here are some of the goodies I've gotten in the last few months.  

I found these dolls for $8, yes $8, at the flea market. The Dennis Miller doll was $2 o_O .  Is it just me or does this guy remind you of Tom Selleck. The man says no but I see him :O). I tackled the mermaids hair and gave her a new body. I really love her even more. 
Flea Market finds

Mermaid after
full shot
 I am having a new burst of Bratz love. I adore Sasha the most and I've picked up two that are the most beautiful to me. Crystalicious & Strut It Sasha. I also bought Strut It Fianna her eyes are beautiful. 
Strut It Fianna, Crystalicious Sasha, Strut It Sasha

I have to give MGA a big round of applause on the newest clothing they've put out. I would love to see at least the Boho Chic dress in the middle in Barbie or Fashion Royalty size. I found all the Bratz dolls & fashions at TRU. 

Ladies modeling
Who else is addicted to the LPS Blythe dolls? These mini big eyed girls are so cute. I'm still no fan of the bigger Blythe's but these Littlest Pet Shop minis have caught me. I've been finding these cuties for a fraction of their cost at TJ Maxx & Marshall's. I also picked up a couple cheaply on ebay. 

I found these 2 hunks online. I love the Chow Yun Fat character and the other guys is so suave looking. He definitely has an accent but I haven't decided if he's Irish or English. 

Who hasn't seen the Tim Gunn Barbie's? I bought the one doll & fashion pack that I figure will sell out first. The newest doll I bought from the Poppy Parker line is Bus Stop Darla Daley. She is GORGEOUS!! She is the first Darla for me :O)

So have you found anything good lately?