Monday, November 29, 2010

Janay Love

I am a fan of different faces hence my ecclectic collection..LOL. I was in a Kmart back in the 90's and came upon a different face and was impressed. Now the 1st Janay wasn't impressive to some but I liked and I bought one and then her friends Alyssa, Jade, Tariq, & Alejandro. The only doll they never had was an Asian counterpart for Jade. I loved the diversity this line of dolls from Integrity Toys.

These are the later versions of Janay and the most popular for some. I have some pics of the earlier ladies. I will find them and post them at a later date :O) 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Newest Ladies To My Vinyl Kingdom

Sorry to be MIA but life just throws ya some curves and I get distracted..LOL. I have managed to get some convention goodies thanks to some great friends of mine. I will post more stuff but the ladies are what I want to showcase first. I got the Twins & Scarlet Woman Adele who I aptly renamed Michelle Bana :O)

So in the days to come I hope to get the photo sessions going for these ladies. I have more stuff to post about in the coming days

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nichelle Love..Part I

I have a deep love for the Nichelle face. I adore her and find it hard to part with any. I have but done it but it wasn't easy. I love her in every incarnation. Her face rarely pops up these days so those I have kept are even more precious to me. Here is my mini homage to Nichelle

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aerodynamic Indeed

I waited a long time to get this beauty. Aerodynamic Vanessa is goregous. I love her dark makeup against the color of her hair. She is not for some but for me..LOVE :o)

I added her to my collection thanks to the sale Integrity is having. I snatched her up as soon as I could because I knew she would sell out quick. I have yet to redress her but I haven't heard about her outfit staining. Only thing I couldn't figure out is the yellow boots??? I love the black and the boots will work with something else. This lady just does not scream bumblebee to me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I love Mbili. From the moment I spotted this beauty I knew I needed her in my collection. She's not everyone's taste but she is one of the ladies that Byron Lars outdid himself on :O). My lady was taken out of her original outfit some time ago. I'm still awaiting the perfect body for her. I may need to get yet another Nadja so she can have a articulated body. She reminds me of that Nubian sister you'll find at a poetry slam somewhere. She is Afrocentric in her jewelry and her look. I applaud Byron Lars for putting us all on front street for the world to embrace.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Newest Loves

I've been so lax on my postings but I'm baaaaccckk...LOL. Always wanted to post that. Ok so in my absence I've been selling off some dolls for so cheap. If I was still attached to them this would've been an outrage. I've come to the conclusion that they needed to go. I still have more to go and I haven't even gone into the clothing or furniture...hmmm. Oh well back to my posts

I was able to get myself a Jordan doll. She is not as horrible as I thought. She's actually quite pretty. I'm still not in love with the white eye makeup but I will live. I also fell in love with the new AA Target Basic doll. A great friend picked her up for me and I love her. I have rebodied her but no new pics yet. Even though she is not new I couldn't find my Perk Colette for a couple of months. I just got her and put her away and couldn't remember where...NOOOOOOOOO. Just when I was really going crazy 'lo & behold who I found hidden in one of her sisters boxes...PERK!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kelly Lover Over Here

Ok so one of my passions is Kelly you know Barbie's lilest sister. I've been hooked since the lil cutie appeared in her crib. I've somehow amassed hundreds of these lil cuties. I can't find the pic of my 1st one but here are a few others. These are pics from my very 1st KellyKonvention and my quads.

A New Beginning

Here is the spot where I've decided to start my inventory of my collection. This should be something..LOL. These are my own notes on my dolls. You may get bored but then again I did say this was for me. If my blathering bores you then by all means move on...really. If you hang around you too will see the madness & joy that is my collection.

I've been a collector since 1995 when I was struck by the Barbie bug. I was walking in TRU looking for a gift for my niece.  Suddenly I spotted a Tropical Miko and I was in love..ahh. She was the 1st beauty to come home with me and then it was on. Now my memory can be off on this since I have so many dolls but I remember picking this gorgeous doll up :O)

Here she is redressed in one of my favorite outfits. I can't remember the name but I love the bodysuit and there was a parka or fur coat as well. I'm sure she'll get dressed in something else when I find the time..ciao for now