Monday, April 23, 2012

Run Don't Walk....

Run to your TRU's for an abundance of LIV goodies. Toys R Us is having a 50% off on all the LIV stuff from now until 4/28. I bought the accessory packs for 99 cents. Dolls are $4.99 - $7.49. The lodge is $12.49 (passed). I picked up Sophie & her house for $19 (more like it) $40 was ridiculous for this set. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

On Their Way to Rod & Danielle's Wedding

It was a hard decision but one of my power couples are going to attend Rod & Danielle's wedding. There are no behind the scene shots just the finished product. Introducing Alexander & Ava Stewart. They are on their way to Morristown for the festivities. Save us a spot near the front.

 For those interested Ava is Bodacious Adele. Alexander is a David Beckham that I picked up at FR Convention last year.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Did Some Shopping & Oh Yeah Happy Easter :O)

While everyone was hitting Target I found myself in Kmart. They are having a heck of a sale. They have 50% off all the clearanced toys. I'm not sure when the sale is over but I picked up some things

 I picked up this beauty because she was $15. I didn't think there will be any left to get down to $4 like I scored last year. I will be removing her head and putting her on a new body.

These goodies are for the few bigger ladies I own. For $2.50 each I got some summer duds for my girls.

LIV stuff on clearance. Alexis was $6 and the outfit $3.50. They had LIV dolls from the beach line too. I think they are $5. I will go back this week because those bodies do come in handy.

I used my Barbie Collector credit for this doll. I can use her body and the dress will come in handy too. I waited until the last day to buy because there was nothing I really wanted. I hope they get some new goodies to tempt me..but not too much

Happy Easter to all. I love this cutie because my honey found her and gifted her to me. So enjoy and I'll be back

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hiatus Is Officially Over..

I'm back from my self imposed hiatus. I just needed a break and with so much going on with real life...

My posts will start again for those who are following. Stay tuned :O)