Sunday, July 3, 2011

Daisy Experiment

Yes the title says it all. I have or say had a love of Daisy dolls of Somers & Field fame. They stopped being produced when one of the creators sadly passed away. Over the years I sold off some of the dolls I had from this line but I kept 2 of my faves. I recently posted pics of one of the dolls swapped on to an Integrity body (articulation is key for me) back in April. I was happy but the body doesn't match her head. 

Since I saw a post by Limbe Dolls of a swap she did with some LIV doll heads and Moxie Teenz body a bulb went off for me :O). Would Daisy have a match among these dolls? The answer is YES.. The following pics are a result of a Moxie Teenz doll Melrose body with my Daisy's head on it. Now don't get me wrong the head and body match but there is still a little looseness around the neck. It's not huge but the head does do a bobble-head thing. It works for me :O)

I will be swapping my other Daisy head onto a Moxie Teenz body. Since she's a wig doll she can use all the wigs from the line and also LIV wigs as well.


  1. So here is your Daisy. She looks awesome on her new body. It is nice to know that she can also fit those LIV wigs. Thanks for the info.

  2. She looks pretty. The Moxie Teens are not around anymore. I hate they stopped making the Daisy and Willow dolls, they were just taking off.