Friday, July 22, 2011

Been Down But Never Out

Hey all I haven't disappeared. I was down with my back again :O/ . It kind of kills me when it happens but sometimes I do it to myself..LOL. I went out with friends Saturday and by that night my legs were killing me which went to the back and traveled to my shoulder..huh. It's true too true. 

It serves me right for wearing brand new sneakers that I haven't broke in and carrying a bag for hours which turned into 2. We went to eat and of course with my eyes being bigger than my stomach I had a doggy bag..LOL.  

All is right with me now and I can get back to my fun.  I managed to get a couple of dolls before I went down. I had dolls with me on Saturday but I didn't take any pics of them. I did see some new stuff at TRU. I will try to load pics tomorrow..I PROMISE :o)

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  1. Hope you feel better! I know what you mean about new sneakers. I have a problem with my feet after a certain round of chemo years ago.:( Younger daughter bought me a new pair about a year ago, won't wear them yet, my old sneakers are so comfortable and I hate breaking in a new pair. Can't wear heels anymore, I would break my neck.
    Waiting to see your new finds and also the new stuff at TRU's. I always like to compare what is found at different TRU's in other parts of the U.S. to what I find in mine.