Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kelly Kon 2011 Here I Come!!

I will be MIA f or a few days. I'm getting all my stuff together for Kelly Konvention 2011 in Chicago. I have everything in one place..mostly..but I am working now. We will be leaving tomorrow since we are driving. I love these konventions since it's the only time I get to see my Kelly friends. I always have so much fun hanging out with everyone. I always bring home more stuff than I should just with table gifts. I'm not going to shop but I know I will...LOL

I will be back next week and I will post about all the fun and some pics of goodies :O)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Late Night Lament

Well lament is kind of strong. I have been tempted yet again by sales..the evil that stores come up with to get my $$..LOL. I was tempted by Target's Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. I also found the darker skinned LIV Alexis doll. They were $10 this week for the Making Waves line.  I also slid over to TRU and bought a couple of Justin Bieber dolls. No I'm not a fan but his clothes will work perfectly for a couple of my guys. They were on sale for $9.99. They should be priced this way anyway :O) Pepper is in the house :O) Byron Lars Pepper got her for a great deal. I was watching this doll for some time and someone posted her for sale for a bargain NRFB.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dolly Day 2011

Here are pics from the fun we had after the doll show on Saturday. Luchia wants to thank Ebony for her Harley outfit... Thank you Ebony :O) I brought some of my new ladies out to have fun. They needed to get out

My New Ladies: Flirtatious, Nadja, Lillith

Ebony's Crew

Harley is the newest. Takeo & Reese

Angie's Gurls

Mix & Mingle
Thank you Ebony
My Daisy on her new bod

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Day After...I've Done It Again

I had such fun at the Doll Show yesterday. I met a few friends and we caught the train that got us there before the show started at 10. I only spent what was in my budget believe it or not. I have already spent more than enough on doll goodies for this year and it's only April..LOL. Not to be stopped I picked up some bargains anyway. 

 I visited a couple of my usual sellers. One stop I spent $11 and these are my finds. The doll in white is Hollywood Nails Barbie (articulated)and I need her body for someone else. The lady in pink and black is a Pretty Roses Kayla I believe. I bought the 2 little girls for my Stacie & friends that I have. I was most happy they all came dressed and for so cheap. 

They had clothing pieces 3 for $1 and I found a couple of things including the unopened FF skirt from the same seller. 

Next seller I picked up a couple of Rement sets that I don't already own. I also picked up some clothing pieces from her as well. I spent $11 with her. 


I also managed to find a seller that had some more bargains. I picked up this ITBE Flounce head on a silkie body and this skirt for $10. Love the colors of the skirt. I will pair it with a solid color shirt of course.

I think I spent the most on my newest lady Luchia. She was $55 and worth every cent. I dressed her in the outfit from the newest Harley set. She didn't fit the boots so you'll see no pics of her feet. 

I found a seller who had some older Barbie outfits and extras. I picked up the dress because I love the color of it. The bodysuit is for one of my dancers.

Not sure if it came this way or faded to this lovely shade of green.
After the show we all grabbed a bite and some laughs. We then headed back to the city for a stop at TRU and then we went our separate ways. My friends Angie, Ebony, & I went to Bryant Park to have some photo fun with our dolls. That will be in another post.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Doll Show Tomorrow

I'm like a kid getting ready for the 1st day of summer vacation. I will be hanging out with friends tomorrow as we head to Rockville Centre for the annual doll show there. I'm going to try and behave myself but if I see some Rement I can't promise how good or bad I'll be. I'm not really looking for any dolls right now but hey mu lips are sealed..LOL. 

I've done it again I fell for Byron Lars' Pepper and someone had her for a steal NRFB so I bought her..shhh no telling. I saw someone took down her bird's nest of hair and she was actually a lot cuter than I thought. Once she arrives we will see if I can work that magic myself.

I will post tomorrow night or Sunday what fun we had at the show. I have a couple of other new ladies that will make their debut too. I know you're all dying to see but tomorrow is another day

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yeesss...I'm Satisfied (for the moment..shh)

I have been procrastinating hard..I've picked up some ladies and one guy who's giving me 'tude..LOL I bought a couple of ladies I've wanted for a while and a few deals helped me to get them. 

Fierce Subject Kyori is one I sold a bit after I got her when she originally came out. I didn't like her but then I had to have her in 2009..oy vey. I watched and waited (I'm real patient for things I want). Her eyelash is fine I just didn't push it out of the way

Most Desired Eugenia was never on my radar but then I saw her and had to have her and she doesn't disappoint. I fixed her hair so that widows peak shows. I love her eyes and she will be in my vampire clan (Yes I have vampires).  I must have had some gel on my hands hence the shine on her forehead..oops

Natalia is a SeloJ (my 1st..Thanks Mel) repaint that I bought for an awesome price from her original owner. I love her face, hairstyle, and her eyes :O) 

Nadja I picked up new from Integrity's sale. They had the best price for her. I wasn't crazy about her original hair so I fixed it. It's not perfect but I love it and her. 

Then on to Mr. 'Tude..

Me: Will you please sit down
 Him: Ha ha very funny you know I can't sit

Me: Trust slept for a while and I fixed you
Him: Really...ok I can sit but how??
Me: Hey you don't need to know're not absolutely perfect but you'll get there trust me
Him: Um excuse me but I notice that my body doesn't match my head

Me: Oh yeah about that hey have you ever met a person who's head and body match exactly. I mean seriously my body and face haven't matched since I was a baby. This works for now..
Him: I love the flexibility I have to call everyone I know and tell them
Me: Yeeaaahhh...everyone you know is here somewhere and where did you get the Ifone?

Him: How does this Ifone work exactly?
Alee (off screen): It's easy let me show you

Me: Where did you come from? I swore you were in the other room with the rest of the ladies?
Alee: I was kind of curious to see what happened to the new guy here
Me: Really??

Alee sits on his lap ignoring me completely. Actually they both are kind of caught up with the Ifone thing.
Alee: You're really cute and I figure we can check out some names online so she will get an idea for your name since she's been so out of things as of late

Me: I know I'm behind on giving out names but give me a break there has been a real influx of new people here..hello um are you guys even listening ...oh well onto something else

See what happens when you neglect..I mean ignore your dolls for a few days