Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Year, New Header...

Happy New Year!! I may be a few days late in saying it and a few months behind on my blog but I'm here. I've been busy selling and I notice I do have a couple of entries I haven't finished..oops, my bad. I will get around to putting them out there soon. No promises on the date but it will get done.

I updated the blog photo. I do love the ladies I chose. My tastes are still eclectic (all over the place, lol) hence the mash up of cuties. I will have to add a guy or two the next time. 

I have added some ladies and gents to the fold in my absence but I also cleared out quite a few. I was horrible at keeping track to see if I kept up with my limit of 40 new dolls last year. I will have to do a count and I will make it interesting. I will do a post on the dolls I did add. I will also make sure to note who left the island.

The adventure will begin soon enough. If you're still here reading my journey I will say hey. If you're new to my journey I still say hey :O)