Monday, September 14, 2015

Selling Some Ladies

I have some repairs to take care of so I have some ladies on sale. Have a look at my Adoption Zone album on Flickr. I will be listing more goodies so keep checking ;O)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tagged Again, LOL

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award. 
5. Invent 11 questions for your nominees.

 I have to thank Presto of Growing Up Is For Quitters blog fame for the nomination. I have to tell you eleven random facts about myself..hmm

1. I'm ambidextrous ( I can write using my right or left hand)
2. I'm a TV junkie. No getting around it. I love my TV.
3. I love Horror and Sci-Fi
4. I love notebooks. I have way tooo many :O)
5. I want to learn to use a sewing machine.
6. I haven't had to cook in 15 years. The man does it all :O)
7. I own more t-shirts than skirts or pants for that matter, lol.
8. I am easily distracted from most things to talk about dolls.
9. I own 2 pairs of sneakers. When one pair wears out I'll buy another pair
10. I love the toys from the bubblegum machine.
11. I HATE mushrooms but have recently come to love diced tomatoes (salsa sized) 

Now the question & answer portion of our program. Presto's questions
  1. What kinds of toys got you into collecting and customizing?  I have to say it was Barbie. I didn't start collecting dolls until I was an adult
  2. What's the coolest way you've re-purposed something to work on/with one of your projects? I don't have any projects in the works. I have learned how to use boxes for certain pieces of furniture.
  3. Sonic or Mario? Mario all the way. I played Mario Bros before anything.
  4. What do you do to find inspiration? I clear my mind. I try to empty it of all thoughts and something will come to me. How to style a doll from head to toe, etc
  5. What time period would you most like to live in, other than the modern one?  I think I'd rather stay in more modern times. I mean reading about certain eras is OK but I love running water, and indoor bathrooms.
  6. When has a project just made you give up? Why? Trying to make little doll boxes. I just gave up on those.
  7. What's the most versatile tool in your arsenal? I have a curved clamp that is awesome for holding small items. I also use it to pull the hair out of doll heads for rerooting.
  8. When has a project surpassed your wildest expectations? How? I'm not tackling any projects now unless selling & organizing counts
  9. What's your all-time favorite movie? I have quite a few but the original Village of The Damned comes to mind. I can watch it over and over
  10. What's a skill you want to learn someday? I have a list. Sewing, repainting, woodwork
  11. If you could live in a fictional universe, which one would you pick? I would choose to live in the 24th/25th century that embodies Star Trek. I would love to have a world at peace where everyone is accepted.
Now yet again I'm bowing out on the nomination part. As for the questions you can use the same that were asked of me. I did a list of questions on a previous entry you can choose to answer.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Awards

So, basically we are to follow a few rules as to how we accept this nomination. 
Here they are:

1. Create a blog post.
2. In the post, thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to her site.
3. Place a logo of the award and link it to where you got it from.
4. Answer the ten questions she asked you.
5. Nominate ten bloggers.
6. Come up with your own ten questions for your nominees to answer.

I was nominated by the very talented Shasha of atelierniShasha
Thank you for thinking of me :O) I got the pic from Shasha's site. Here are her questions for me
1. What prompted you to create your first blog?
 I actually started my blog as a way to inventory my collection. I really wanted to see the ladies and gents I own and take anyone who wanted to read it along for the ride.

2. If this blog was about your passion, what were your intentions in the first few posts?
See answer number one, lol
3. How did your blog evolve from day 1 to now?
I'm not sure how it has evolved other than I try to post. I have slacked some from my early days and hope to rekindle the passion I started with. 
4. Please list down if you have other blogs, both from the past and now.
I had a blog on LJ (Live Journal) but that was years ago
5. How do you see your main blog (if you maintain several) in the next five years?
I hope to get back to the inventory part but to still make it interesting to my readers. I hope to add more content maybe a story or 2.
6. How has the blogging community helped shape your main blog to what it is today?
I see some content on other blogs that I find nice. If I developed a vinyl soap opera I would follow some examples I've seen. I like the idea of characters, a who's who I'm using in the story. (Way in the future)
7. What other topics or collections would you want to feature in your future posts?
I have little collections of misfit toys. I love certain little toys and I keep picking them up here and there. Maybe I'll post about them.
8. How do you want the blogging community become a much better place for bloggers, especially women?
I'm not sure. I find the blogosphere really diverse. There are so many blogs on so many topics readily available. I would like to see some of the shyer people who may want to blog start a blog. Go ahead and do it. Do it for yourself and you can't be disappointed.
9. What if the Internet still hasn’t kicked off today and of course, blogging is still unborn, what could have been your means of sharing what you feel needs to be shared to the world?
I think I would have started locally. Pictures say so much. Pulling out a doll in public for a photoshoot gets attention. I think that like minded people will always find each other. Internet or not people communicated on a personal level. 
10. Finally, tell us about yourself in one sentence.
What's there to tell. I'm passionate, open, and honest soul. I love sharing this love of dolls or toys with anyone who will listen, lol. I know you said one sentence but I'm a talker ;O)

I'm reneging on the last thing asked of me. I don't want to nominate anyone since this is another late post. If anyone wants to play along here are 10 questions for you
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Do you enjoy blogging?
3. Do you have any favorite sites you visit? 
4. Does anyone support you in your love of what you blog about?  
5. Do you take dolls/toys wherever you go? 
6. If you do venture out what is the strangest reaction you've received?
7. Do you have friends local to you that you get together with and have fun?  
8. Have you ever decided to quit blogging?
9. Do you ever run out of topics to blog about?
10. What other collections do you have besides what you may blog about?  

World Doll Day..Late As Usual

I know this was back in June and I'm slow as molasses but I'm catching up. I was tagged by my friend Georgia Girl over at Pink Obsession a while back. I was also nominated by my friend Dana over at A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls And Action Figures. I finally looked at what I was supposed to do so here it goes.
 The rules are as follows:

1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.

2. List 3 dolls currently on your wish list.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same.

My 3 favorite ladies I got from last year in no particular order are :
1.  Le Smoking Adele

2. Barbie Look City Shine 

3. Is a tie. I chose Darla Daley Colour My World & Diana aka Joyous celebration Poppy Parker
 Darla is from 2012 release but I just got her in 2014. I don't know what I was thinking. Diana is named after Wonder Woman aka Lynda Carter's character Diana Prince.

The 3 dolls on my current wishlist are in no particular order:
Momoko and Amelie are the dolls I'm looking for

I'm not going to tag anyone since this is soooo late, lol. If you haven't done it go for it.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Think I Need to Re-Calculate

I feel like I have to slow down, ok stop, buying. I'm doing well on some of my goals but this is the list of dolls coming in this week:

ITBE Rare Jewel
ITBE Night
Hippie Dippy Poppy
The Midas Touch Poppy
Pop of Color Annik
Young Sophisticate Poppy
Midas Touch

ITBE Night

POC Annik

ITBE Rare Jewel

I have also received in the following months:

Rare Appearance Dania
Vice Ollie Lawson
Groovy Galore Poppy
Aristocratic Agnes Von Weiss
Go See Poppy
Spring Song Poppy

Aristocratic, Groovy Galore, Vice
Spring Song, Go See

Rare Appearance
I mean I'm still under my 40 this year goal. I have also sold off a few dolls. I'm trying to keep an even in/out rhythm going

My Body, Your Body, Everybody Needs A Body

Yes I thought about the title. That disco song played in my head as I thought about it. "My body, your body, everybody work your body" is how the song goes. I figure since I have so many heads that need bodies it fits.

Since you've seen the heads let me show you where the bodies hang out. I have boxed dolls that are body donors and loose dolls and bodies. The boxed donors occupy a shelf in the corner of my dining room. The loose dolls and bodies are in a plastic bin waiting to be used.

The main thing I do when trying to match a head and body I check in the strongest light I have. I use the light in my bathroom and sunlight. I know some people aren't choosy with matches but I am, LOL. I have had a doll or 2 that was a close match but it drove me crazy. It doesn't bother me if it's someone else's doll.

Here are a couple of the ladies who received new bodies. Some were rescued from the rack and others old bodies.

I will find more ladies for a later post to show off their bodies :O)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Integrity Toys Frenzy Over..Phew

For those who don't know Integrity Toys revealed some of the new lines on Saturday. I'm happy that I wasn't wowed by everything. I kept my head and my pre-orders came down to 3. That's right 3 dolls. I wanted three from the Poppy line  and I may still go for the third later. 

I wasn't so thrilled with the Fashion Royalty line but I was blown away by Timeless Adele. I'm not a fan of Adele 3.0 but this beauty I need.

I have been confirmed for the Poppy's I wanted. I'm happy and I hope everyone gets what they want. I wanted Darla the most from the Poppy line even though people don't see it. I love her entire look.
Peace Love and Soul

Midas Touch is the biggest and may be one of the fastest sell outs in the Poppy line. She was my second choice.
Midas Touch

 Out of This World is the third doll I may try to get later. She seems to be sold out on some sites.
Out of This World
 So my doll frenzy is over for this round. There are more dolls to come. There are some conventions coming up. You have IFDC, Barbie, & Integrity

Monday, May 11, 2015

Off With Their Heads...

This post is to highlight those ladies in my collection who are searching for bodies. I am always on the lookout for articulated bodies. I need movement these days for anyone to stay. If I really love a doll I will behead her/him and the quest will begin. It's always great when a new lady (and at times gents) find a new body. This is the limbo they sit in until their grail is found

I'm not sure which site I got the idea to use a thread spool rack for heads but it's awesome. I picked this one up on sale from Wally World's site to store sale. I think it holds 120. I also have a smaller one that holds 33. That one is for heads I decide can leave the island.

Here are some closeups of who's on the rack for the moment. Yes that is Declan's head on the top. I do have his body but have been lazy in putting him right LOL

I'll try to remember a post about the luck winners of the body lottery. There have been some winners lately :O)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

This is to all those out there that fill the role. It doesn't matter the race or gender. Mom is Mom

Celebrate because every day is Mother's day. Enjoy :O)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Are You Still Here?

I keep asking myself that question these days. I've been busy working on clearing out the unloved goodies I have. The time just flies and I had plans on blog entries that just haven't happened. So why now? Why not?

I'm hosting a travel doll named Reagan. She's been around for about a month.
She went to an Outlander party so far. I have some plans for this weekend before I send her on her way to her next host.

I'm also obsessed with these wild turkeys that are living in my city. They're protected but they are amazing too. I've seen turkeys before but not in person. There are some big Tom's. There is a family unit it seems.
I am still here but I'm going to see who is being let go this weekend. It's a big job that I aim to finish. Let the sorting continue. I leave you with my latest selfie. I wasn't driving when it was snapped. I'm not that reckless :O)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Big Girls Rule!!

Or they do around here some of the time :O) I have found myself loving certain of the bigger ladies. I have not gone all the way to the dark side. Today I will focus on my 18" dolls. There are various lines to be found.
Some of my big girls
 I resisted these ladies for a long time until I spotted Taryn. Taryn is the dark skinned curly hair cutie sitting in the middle. She is from the Journey Girl line of dolls sold at Toys R Us. I was able to get her during a sale and I also had a coupon.  I believe the BFC Ink dolls came shortly before or after. from the BFC Ink I have the twins Aleisha and Noelle, Calista (AA), Yuko (Asian). The other xcurly haired cutie I call Sunny. I believe she is from the Girls On The Go line also from Toys R Us. I will try to post single pics of them in my next post.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting Sidetracked

Getting sidetracked is not the end of the world..thank goodness :O)  I've been behaving myself and working hard on sticking to my goal of only adding 40 dolls this year. I should mention my very own loophole (insert evil laugh). I will buy something if it's on sale and has something I really want. Case in point I found this set a couple of weeks ago. 
Sisters' Fun Day set

I really love Skipper in this set. Everything from her hair to her boots scream YES to me. I bought this set but Barbie is leaving the island (naked of course). I also will be swapping Skipper's body. 

I found these dolls in one of my shopping looks. They are a group called 5th Harmony. I just looked but only one came home with me.

This doll has the cutest complete design outfits. The doll is in the go pile. I see lots of things while I'm out shopping but these days I'm a lot more picky in what I will buy. I'm not a fan of what I call cheap fabrics and one sided designs. We all know what I mean. Mattel has a trend of one sided designs going on. I refuse to pay full price for half a dress. I'm not knocking anyone else if they love the design on the dress and buy it. It's ok with me. I just personally am upset that the prices keep going up but we're getting less for that price. Enough of that we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in 3...2...1

Ok, not that quick but until the next post have fun with your dolls :O)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Obtaining That Grail

I have had the pleasure in the last year to add a "grail" doll or two to my collection. I must preface this by saying I just replied to a question in December stating "I no longer have a grail list" LOL. I came across these two beauties this month by accident. In the '90's I loved all things Barbie. I still have a twinge here and there for my girl. At the end of 1999 there was a Classical Goddess Collection showcased. I say 1999 even though everything says 2000/1. I remember the pics of the Goddess of Spring. I fell in love with all that long curly strawberry blonde hair
Promo Goddess of Spring
 Can you see the gorgeous there. The finished product was not the same as the promo pic. I wasn't in any rush to buy her. When Wisdom was produced I still didn't jump. I don't know why I didn't get them then. 

Fast forward 14 years and I found her. The price one ebay had to be a mistake. I won't say but I put her on watch immediately. I had to check the sellers other items and she had Wisdom too. The price was unbelievable and ending the next day with no bidders. Spring was ending the day after Wisdom so I emailed the seller to make sure she combined shipping. You know the anticipation was killing me. I just knew they were going to be bid up a lot higher than the beginning bid. I waited the last 5 minutes so nervous. I do have a cap on what I will pay. The last 20 seconds was my moment. I put in my highest bid and hit enter at 10 seconds. To my very happy surprise NO ONE ELSE bid. Wisdom was mine. The same scenario the following day for Spring. I obtained both for what Wisdom has gone for by herself.

 In all my excitement for them I totally overlooked another beauty I traded for. I fell really hard for her. She was so out of my league I didn't even think I would get her without sacrificing my lust of all things vinyl (fashion dolls people, LOL). I spied a FB post looking to sell or trade this Goddess. I had to try and I got her. I was able to trade for Smoke Screen Dania Zarr from the 2010 Dark Romance FR Convention!!

She does not disappoint. So my point is that no matter what you feel you may never obtain it is possible. If you have a grail list look it over again and GO FOR IT. You may be surprised by what you can get. I don't have a grail list any more :O)

If you decide to trade or buy from someone don't be afraid to ask for references on doll boards or groups you belong to. This doll community of ours may seem huge but it is relatively small when your reputation is on the line. Hammer out your terms ahead of time for sale or swap. If you say you're going to mail an item MAIL IT.  I know life happens but make sure you keep in contact with your trade partner. Make sure you have tracking info and are given the same. Don't be afraid to ask for pictures either. You may be asked the same so be ready. You want to make sure of the condition of what you're getting/sending. 

Enough of my rambling... GO FOR IT!! Find your grail goodies

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I was on the Facebook (inside joke) LOL and I thought about how I came to finally love Poppy Parker. I have tried since Poppy Parker first debuted 5 years ago. I remember when I first saw her. I wasn't impressed. Now before I get a bunch of backlash over that this is my story so there. I honestly didn't like the first couple of years of Poppy. I liked some of the clothing but I still didn't jump on the bandwagon.

If I'm being honest Poppy always tends to be first on my to go pile.  Let's fast forward to 2013/4 and the Poppypalooza love fest began.  I was sorting through my collection and found my In The Air Poppy from the 2011 FR Convention. 
My first impression after seeing her again after so long was she's beautiful and she needs a change. Most of the Poppy's I keep get a new body. I like them on Victoire or NuFace bodies.

Ayr ( her new name) and Sebina are waiting for bodies

Here are all my current Poppy's. I had more but I sold about 4 or 5 while raising funds for convention. That Holiday Feeling and IFDC Glamorous Darling haven't been freed as of yet. This past 2014 FR Convention found me with three new ladies to my small collection.
Here is a closer look. Wild Thing & Corrie are waiting for me to swap them to their new bodies. The other two are already on Victoire Roux bodies.
Starlight, Girl from Integrity, Wild Thing, Corrie Bratter
Dark Moon is on a tall FR body. She was screaming for a breast augmentation LOL. Diana aka Joyous is original. Switzerland is on a NuFace body. I got the OOAK from a friend and she stays original for now or until I find a new body.
Dark Moon, Joyous Celebration, Switzerland, OOAK

Darla Daley is also in the Poppy Parker line. These ladies are on their original bodies at the moment. Once I find dolls to match there will be a swap happening.
Color My World, Twist n Shout, Bus Stop
Twist n Shout was first and only with this face. The story goes that the mold was broken so her face was changed. I still may look for Simply Simpatico since she has short hair and I NEED her :O) I also have the first Loni Lawrence and her body has been swapped out.

I know you're thinking that's a lot of swapping.  I am truthful in telling anyone who listens that I have no love for the Poppy cankle. I will remove the head and sell the original body as soon as humanly possible. I haven't done that with the Darla's to date because I need to find Dynamite Girl or NuFace bodies for them. I don't think there are any to match other than maybe Colette or Aria.

 I own 12 Poppy's, 3 Darla's ,and 1 Loni. I think I can live with that. I definitely don't have as big a Poppy problem as I thought. We will see as I go through the collection who I own more of. I hope I didn't bore anyone with my ramblings :O)

If you're bothered by nude or partially nude dolls don't look below..LOL. Here is the unedited pic of the Poppy's so you can see the bodies

Bodies from L-R; Victoire , Victoire, NuFace, Poppy , FR, Poppy, NuFace, Poppy