Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shopping Report

I was out and about today like I stated in my previous post. We went to a "flea market" in Columbus but there was really nothing there of interest (at least for me). Of the two places that had dolls or doll related items one was waaaaaaaaayyy overpriced and the other overcrowded. 

When I say overpriced when I walked into the place the woman there lets me know the dolls are 50% off. I thought wow that's great until I looked at her pricing. I'm talking boxed Mattel Elvis dolls for $150 and 50% off is still $75 O_o. All the boxed pink label dolls were priced like this $100 was one of the cheapest prices I saw and that was on a Happy Holidays doll that wasn't even the 1st one of the series. The 2nd place I found 3 items. He charged $2 for the Barbies. Now the place is like a hoarders paradise. He had some nice stuff but there was sooo much and no space for it all. You can't fit more than 3 people at a time in the place. Some of his items are priced like it was 10 years ago for the boxed stuff. 

He was wondering why he couldn't get rid of the stuff and I just sort of kept quiet. He really didn't see an issue with all the clutter and nothing being arranged in a way for customers to see, enjoy, and buy. I will take some pics of what I did buy and post it later :O)


  1. The prices of dolls has dropped tremendously, the Holiday Doll will probably never demand the high price she once did....smh those prices were high!

  2. That just didn't sound like a pleasant shopping experience. As for the first lady, I think I would have probably asked her, "how did you come up with these prices?" I am kind of bold like that. I would have more than likely told the guy that he needed to organize his space, especially if he made a comment about not knowing why he couldn't sell his stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you bought.

  3. @GG some people don't get it. They look in some price guide from years ago and think the price is right, Some poor soul may buy some of those dolls from her.

    @ Van Neither the 1st or 2nd was pleasant but like I said I went thru the scuzzy, dirty dolls and found at least 3 dolls that were worth the $2 price. He honestly didn't understand why the 2007 boxed Disney doll shoved in a corner wasn't selling for $45. You can't get to it and the box is messed up..LOL