Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Think I Need to Re-Calculate

I feel like I have to slow down, ok stop, buying. I'm doing well on some of my goals but this is the list of dolls coming in this week:

ITBE Rare Jewel
ITBE Night
Hippie Dippy Poppy
The Midas Touch Poppy
Pop of Color Annik
Young Sophisticate Poppy
Midas Touch

ITBE Night

POC Annik

ITBE Rare Jewel

I have also received in the following months:

Rare Appearance Dania
Vice Ollie Lawson
Groovy Galore Poppy
Aristocratic Agnes Von Weiss
Go See Poppy
Spring Song Poppy

Aristocratic, Groovy Galore, Vice
Spring Song, Go See

Rare Appearance
I mean I'm still under my 40 this year goal. I have also sold off a few dolls. I'm trying to keep an even in/out rhythm going

My Body, Your Body, Everybody Needs A Body

Yes I thought about the title. That disco song played in my head as I thought about it. "My body, your body, everybody work your body" is how the song goes. I figure since I have so many heads that need bodies it fits.

Since you've seen the heads let me show you where the bodies hang out. I have boxed dolls that are body donors and loose dolls and bodies. The boxed donors occupy a shelf in the corner of my dining room. The loose dolls and bodies are in a plastic bin waiting to be used.

The main thing I do when trying to match a head and body I check in the strongest light I have. I use the light in my bathroom and sunlight. I know some people aren't choosy with matches but I am, LOL. I have had a doll or 2 that was a close match but it drove me crazy. It doesn't bother me if it's someone else's doll.

Here are a couple of the ladies who received new bodies. Some were rescued from the rack and others old bodies.

I will find more ladies for a later post to show off their bodies :O)