Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Awards

So, basically we are to follow a few rules as to how we accept this nomination. 
Here they are:

1. Create a blog post.
2. In the post, thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to her site.
3. Place a logo of the award and link it to where you got it from.
4. Answer the ten questions she asked you.
5. Nominate ten bloggers.
6. Come up with your own ten questions for your nominees to answer.

I was nominated by the very talented Shasha of atelierniShasha
Thank you for thinking of me :O) I got the pic from Shasha's site. Here are her questions for me
1. What prompted you to create your first blog?
 I actually started my blog as a way to inventory my collection. I really wanted to see the ladies and gents I own and take anyone who wanted to read it along for the ride.

2. If this blog was about your passion, what were your intentions in the first few posts?
See answer number one, lol
3. How did your blog evolve from day 1 to now?
I'm not sure how it has evolved other than I try to post. I have slacked some from my early days and hope to rekindle the passion I started with. 
4. Please list down if you have other blogs, both from the past and now.
I had a blog on LJ (Live Journal) but that was years ago
5. How do you see your main blog (if you maintain several) in the next five years?
I hope to get back to the inventory part but to still make it interesting to my readers. I hope to add more content maybe a story or 2.
6. How has the blogging community helped shape your main blog to what it is today?
I see some content on other blogs that I find nice. If I developed a vinyl soap opera I would follow some examples I've seen. I like the idea of characters, a who's who I'm using in the story. (Way in the future)
7. What other topics or collections would you want to feature in your future posts?
I have little collections of misfit toys. I love certain little toys and I keep picking them up here and there. Maybe I'll post about them.
8. How do you want the blogging community become a much better place for bloggers, especially women?
I'm not sure. I find the blogosphere really diverse. There are so many blogs on so many topics readily available. I would like to see some of the shyer people who may want to blog start a blog. Go ahead and do it. Do it for yourself and you can't be disappointed.
9. What if the Internet still hasn’t kicked off today and of course, blogging is still unborn, what could have been your means of sharing what you feel needs to be shared to the world?
I think I would have started locally. Pictures say so much. Pulling out a doll in public for a photoshoot gets attention. I think that like minded people will always find each other. Internet or not people communicated on a personal level. 
10. Finally, tell us about yourself in one sentence.
What's there to tell. I'm passionate, open, and honest soul. I love sharing this love of dolls or toys with anyone who will listen, lol. I know you said one sentence but I'm a talker ;O)

I'm reneging on the last thing asked of me. I don't want to nominate anyone since this is another late post. If anyone wants to play along here are 10 questions for you
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Do you enjoy blogging?
3. Do you have any favorite sites you visit? 
4. Does anyone support you in your love of what you blog about?  
5. Do you take dolls/toys wherever you go? 
6. If you do venture out what is the strangest reaction you've received?
7. Do you have friends local to you that you get together with and have fun?  
8. Have you ever decided to quit blogging?
9. Do you ever run out of topics to blog about?
10. What other collections do you have besides what you may blog about?  


  1. Hello from Spain:congratulations. Fabulous answers.. Keep in touch

  2. Great answers! It was fun getting to know more about you.

  3. Always fun to read people's answers to these! :)

    1. I figured I should do this while I could :O) I do enjoy reading the answers too

  4. Great answers! I love reading more about the person behind the blog :-)

  5. Great learning more about you! That is cool that you have a collection of misfits. Please share them. They need love too. :-) I have a couple of dolls that I would probably classify as a misfit.

    P.S. Your questions are some good ones.

    1. I'm getting them together. Those toys that just don't fit in the collection but seem to be a collection unto themselves :O)

  6. I enjoy seeing your dolls. It's been fun to read your answers here, too.

    Hope you get the inventory complete ;-)

    1. I'll get it done one of these years LOL. I'm sure it will be under a year to do an inventory. The clearing out will take longer

  7. It's always fascinating to read the answers to questions and find out more about the person behind the blog - and to see how intentions have changed for our blogs.