Monday, May 18, 2015

Integrity Toys Frenzy Over..Phew

For those who don't know Integrity Toys revealed some of the new lines on Saturday. I'm happy that I wasn't wowed by everything. I kept my head and my pre-orders came down to 3. That's right 3 dolls. I wanted three from the Poppy line  and I may still go for the third later. 

I wasn't so thrilled with the Fashion Royalty line but I was blown away by Timeless Adele. I'm not a fan of Adele 3.0 but this beauty I need.

I have been confirmed for the Poppy's I wanted. I'm happy and I hope everyone gets what they want. I wanted Darla the most from the Poppy line even though people don't see it. I love her entire look.
Peace Love and Soul

Midas Touch is the biggest and may be one of the fastest sell outs in the Poppy line. She was my second choice.
Midas Touch

 Out of This World is the third doll I may try to get later. She seems to be sold out on some sites.
Out of This World
 So my doll frenzy is over for this round. There are more dolls to come. There are some conventions coming up. You have IFDC, Barbie, & Integrity


  1. Congrats on getting the Poppys that you wanted! Hope you can get that Adele, too. She is gorgeous. Love that pale blue dress - gown? - on her.

    1. I am confirmed for all the ladies pictured. It has been a ride. I can't wait to see what's next. I think this is the least amount of dolls I have preordered

  2. Congratulations on getting the ones that you wanted!! I REALLY wanted Midas Touch, but can't seem to find her. I have been confirmed for Adele, Kyori, Isha, and Darla. I liked the collection from last year best.

    1. Midas Touch was a PITA to get confirmed. I was happy to have her confirmed. I only hope any other dolls I want this year are easier to obtain.

      Congrats on your dolls too. I see some outfits I may try to get later :O)

  3. I see this Adele going to be a grail doll... Lucky you!

  4. Ok, I'm going to be needing that Adele. The 3 that you've chosen are lovely.