Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goodies To Share

I've have a couple of new goodies to share :O) I won this beautiful chair & ottoman from our own Vanessa   combined with a beautiful Silkstone I won from In The Pink (another awesome board I frequent). I thought to myself what would happen when I combine the two...hmmm??

Now the first thing I did was swap my Silkies body out because you know no movement just doesn't work for me. So here she is after her swap. After a day of horseback riding she relaxed on the new furniture :O)

Silkie: I adore this new chair. Do I get to keep it?
Me: Everyone will get a turn sooner or later
Silkie: Why? Once you set me up in a proper area it can stay with me.
Me: It doesn't work that way around here. Most everything is community property. Share and share alike

Silkie: I don't think I like this system.
Me: Word of advice you're new here so don't start trouble. Dolls that are selfish seem to disappear around here when I'm not around.


  1. LOL ROTF!!! LOve the conversation! She better watch out!!!

  2. Congrats on your wins! I agree with Chynadoll that she better watch out!

  3. Lol! She better recognize (snap)! Cute mini story. Congrats on both winnings!

  4. Aren't you just the lucky one? Now if you win Chynadolls giveaway, I will be in total awe. Very cute story. Poor girl, doesn't know she could end up in that dolly pile you have where dolls are never to be heard from again!

  5. Thanks everyone.

    I think the ladies will handle her before she goes to the place that no one speaks of..LOL

  6. Hello from Spain: the armchairs very well it has left to your doll. What luck is ideal. Vanessa does a good work. Your doll is pretty. We follow in contact of blog blog.

  7. Congratulations on both wins! The chair and ottoman look great, and Silkie is a charmer. Hope she lasts ;-D

  8. Ok, I could have sworn I was following you. I've been missing out on your posts so, I've got some catching up to do.

    Congrats on the chair and ottoman, it's gorgeous! The scale is perfect. I can't wait to get my hands on some of Vanessa's pieces.

    Love the Silkstone. :)

  9. So cute. I love the part about selfish dolls. The chair and ottoman are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.