Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing Nina St-Croix...

I seem to be going through a doll depression of sorts. I guess all the excitement of conventions is over and all the adrenaline has left my body. Don't cry for me Argentina..LOL. I'm coming out of it now so no worries.

I'm just now getting into any sort of playing with my new stuff. I started with the most controversial doll so far from this years convention. They call her Style Counsel Adele but I call her Nina St.-Croix. She hails from Louisiana but you'd never know it. Other than her name she left that little Creole slip of a girl behind her a long time ago :O) She is CFO of Broadman Industries. That's as far as I've gotten with her background.

 I do love her face and as I've stated she's been renamed. I consider her to be Adele's long lost cousin. I haven't decided whether to not to de-bump her. I like her hair so far. That hair bump seems to have been a theme with a few dolls from the Jet Set line.


  1. Nina looks pretty. I love her outfit. I have not deboxed anything. It is great that you playing again.

  2. Nina seems to have a mysterious look in her face. I like her!

  3. Nina, hmm, I like the name and it does seem to agree with her. She has a pretty face but do not underestimate this lady!