Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jet Lag & New Goodies

Now I know you've all probably seen all the convention dolls all over the place but you don't know what I chose :O) I had such a fabulous time that I will go again next year.  

I shipped home all the dolls I received and or bought. This is what 41lbs of shipped dolls looks like..

Just to start I will simply title these pics...New Love

Style Counsel



Dynamite Girls
I know everyone doesn't love the Integrity line of dolls. I have days of posts to make. I will post room sales goodies tomorrow. I will also put the pics of the dolls we received from Integrity. I'm still suffering from jet lag here. So this is a post & run... I will give details tomorrow


  1. Great that you made it back safe and sound. It was such a pleasure to meet put a face with a name. I look forward to your convention post. I have not unpacked anything doll related yet. Maybe this weekend...

    Oh, congrats on winning the raffle doll!

  2. Oooh, who is that new Dynamite Girl? I mean, she looks new. Knowing IT, it will be the same name, new mold...

  3. Can't wait to see your dolls. You are right, I have seen most of them, but that is the first picture I have seen of the DGs.

  4. @GG it was great to meet you too. Unpack those goodies and Isha was an unexpected surprise :O)

    @VP which one..the purple eyed beauty is Dani, not sure who the middle girl is, and that TJ with some new lips on the right :O) I had to have them.

    @Van I was given more than I bought or so it seems to me. I found some goodies on sale but I bought more clothes than anything in room sales. I found the rooms with the awesome deals :O)

  5. Cute girls. Love that leopard dress :)

  6. Wow! You've got some beautiful looking dolls! There are times when I miss these little darlings, but then I remember I love the big girls too!! I am NOT looking at your sales page even though I might buy one 'cause they're on sale - I'm not going there!! :D So much temptation these days!