Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Shopping

I had to go shopping yesterday so you know I had to shop a little :O) I went to Target for the purpose of finding the new Chelsea & friends dolls that I saw on the enabler Vanessa's blog. I found them and here they are...

I also found some clearance goodies. I like what I can buy for under $20. I have my 1st Moxie boy. The LIV fashion for under $8 perfect. Look at the cute ornaments. The snowflake will be a picture frame or a clock. The flatsy's are dolls for the girls.  I bought the penguin because it reminded me of Joey's penguin Hugsy (flashback city) on Friends. It was the episode when Rachel & her baby girl Emma stayed with Joey. Emma got attached to Hugsy and Joey wanted him back. He ended up giving Hugsy to her anyway.

I happened to spot some other goodies like some new LIV clothes and their dolls.  They have another new line with sleep eye action. If I get back I will take a picture.

I should've looked closer because they changed the knees (big yay), even though the old knees don't bother me, no arm articulation..WHAT THE O_o. I say if you have any of the older bodies at a store near you you may want to stock up if this is a sign of the new LIV dolls.

I spotted this Asian ballerina so I had to pick up the Fashionista to give her a new body :O)

I also spotted more but I did put back a lot of stuff. I picked up what I actually have use for and not stuff just because it was there. The Alexis is going up for sale for sure but the dress & wig are mine..LOL.


  1. Great finds. I saw the LIV dolls with the different color dresses in Wal-Mart. My reaction was the same. No articulation in the arms. Did buy one of the new sleep eye Livs and will post soon!

  2. Great finds and shopping trip! Happy New Year! Looking forward to blogging with you in the new year :)

  3. You bought some really nice items. I have not seen the new Liv dolls yet. My Target was wiped out pretty good, so not much on clearance.

    Happy New Year Anika!

  4. Me, an enabler? No, way. You started the year off shopping? What? You know I am on you about the downsizing you keep talking about. LOL! Oh no! No arm articulation for the new LIV dolls. I did see them, but wasn't interested in the outfit, so I didn't pay attention to the arms. Wow. I just received 4 older LIV dolls from Target on-line that were on clearance for $4 - $6. So glad I got them now. I have to go get the two other Chelsea sized dolls. Maybe I will venture out today. Happy New Year!

  5. I'm also waiting for the ballerina to arrive and I really wished the new Fashionistas were available in Europe. :( Hopefully they'll bring them here this year.