Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Finds May Be Old Finds

I was shopping (I know yes again..LOL) and came across some items that were really bargains. I went to TRU where I was happy to find my old friend the orange clearance sticker. I would find several items years ago with this sticker and get goodies for a quarter of the price.  I'm really trying to behave with the convention coming in 3 weeks but they keep throwing these things in my path..LOL

I so wanted this record player that came with this repro. Imagine my surprise when I not only spotted what I wanted but the doll was inside for $9.90.

As you can see from the box and this sticker someone must've kept helping themselves to different pieces..LOL.
I was in Kmart as well and they had clearance heaven too..LOL. I got these 2 Repros as well. I couldn't pass up on this one since it wasn't in the system they gave it to me for $18 o_O

 That's really all I bought except for the 4 dolls I bought from the Integrity sale...
Ok and I got this hunk from ebay for a lot cheaper than he's been going for :O)


  1. Great finds. Time for a trip to K-Mart. LOL.

  2. Definitely and if it doesn't come up in the system and can't find any on the shelf = even better bargain :O)

  3. Nice dolls and great prices. You got Remi!! OMG! He is such a nice looking doll. I am hoping to get him at convention....fingers crossed that someone will have him for a great price.

  4. Your Remi looks really nice. I will let you slide on the first doll because the record player is so cute.....but aren't you supposed to be downsizing?

  5. Love a great bargain! That hunk is a hottie for sure! Great stuff :)

  6. @Vanessa yes I am still downsizing. I'm also a procrastinator 1st class. I have to take pics of the stuff waiting to leave. Ken's suit was too cheap for me to leave behind :O)

    @GG I was going to wait for convention for Remi but found him close enough to retail I had to get him.

    @Cecile, thank you :O)

  7. Congratulations on your new purchases! The Remi looks the best of the bunch to me.

    Note to self: AVOID Kmart. AVOID it. My Kens really do NOT need that suit. No, guys, most of you can't fit that size. And I think vintage Ken is going to leave us. Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to air whining and complaints here.

    Thanks for sharing the news though - wink.

  8. Hey lady! You got some great bargains! Of course, the last doll Remi is such a hottie!! He almost tempted me into looking for him for my My Scenes! LOL! But, hey, ouch! OK, one of those Ellos threw their shoe at me! Alright, I'm not going to start all over with the little dolls - BIGG dolls are the new IN! Love looking at your new site - it looks wonderful!

  9. You did well! I love the Remi! He looks like Maxwell!