Friday, August 12, 2011

Working on Some Changes

If you've been paying attention my page design has changed three times in two days. I want a different look and I think this one will be it for a moment. I want to use this time (albeit unwanted time) to go through some of my collection and re-evaluating some stuff.  I want to really look at what I have amassed. The following pics are from when we moved to our current location 7 years ago when Mr Man surprised me. I came home from work and let's just say it didn't have the effect he wanted

This is what his surprise was for me. o_O I know what everyone is thinking..LOL. He's still alive. He has no idea I took these photos a few years ago.  I ignored it for a bit and then I moved it all to a storage unit. I am finally deciding to work the room into my vision. I have chosen paint colors and now am plotting the storage and shelf space I want. This room is not very big so I have to make every choice count.  I want to paint it maybe next month when it cools down a bit.  

I pulled a couple (5) containers from storage to sort through dolls again. I get rid of dolls every few months or so. I decide who gets voted off this island. I will be posting from my collection and see who/what stays and who/what goes...


  1. You know I love you like a play cousin, but this psychadelic (sp) background is very dizzying for me. But who am I?

  2. Van did I mention I'm going through some changes..LOL. Nothing is permanent yet

  3. Dollz4Moi, that is great that you are creating a space for your hobby. Doing so one container at a time allows for you to see exactly what you have. Oh, I love the new background.