Sunday, August 14, 2011

Listing On Show & Sell

I have started some listings on the Doll Show & Sale pages. Keep checking back I will be listing more stuff in the days to come. I have started with 4. If you see something drop me an email and we'll talk
Dollz4moi's Virtual Yard Sale


  1. I just checked out your virtual yard sale. I would have snatched Jack Sparrow up if I had not purchased one the other day. I plan to sale his outfit so the doll was what I wanted to begin with and it would have saved me money...darn. I am sure someone will get him, he is such a good looking doll.

  2. GG thanks. I will be listing so much more. I am on the sort out the collection phase..LOL. I try to do this every year when the mood strikes.

    I still have furniture and clothes too. Where did I get so much stuff? LOL

  3. Congrats on making that move. I need to add more stuff to my DollPage. I just never seem to have time. Every time I go to put something else up there, I think of something I can do with the particular doll or clothing.