Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture Fun

I was checking my Flickr yesterday and I was included/tagged in a put your doll on a magazine cover. First I have no skill with these things. I don't do Photoshop and have no skills past cropping..LOL. I was checking another friends pic and there was a link to his magazine maker. I actually did it and here are my results. I love this pic I have of Nadja...
I'm still working on pics of stuff to go so you may see some new stuff from me tomorrow :O)


  1. I love it!! Magazine covers are super cool to make.

  2. Great job!!! The fact that you forged forward and tried it after being tagged is impressive. I've been tagged before, and I have yet to follow through because time is always a major commodity for me. There is never enough. I think I will make some to put in my dollie houses.

  3. This is a great picture! How do you make these? Super cool indeed!