Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Time For Play

I've good news and bad news..Good news 1st..I have a little more time for play and cleaning. That brings me to the bad news..My company is on strike :o( . I hope it's only a few days and nothing too long. 

Back to good. I was out and about with friends yesterday. We met for food and doll fun. I took some dolls with me. My friends brought theirs too for our play date :O)


  1. That is so cool to have doll friends that live close by. My best dolly friend moved back home to Kentucky almost 2 years ago. : (. We are still besties from a distant. Thank goodness for my online dolly friends. Nice photos of the dolls.

  2. I always love seeing the pictures you and your dolly friends take. I always feel like I was there with you guys. Hope the strike breaks soon.

  3. Loving those photos! Wished I wasn't so tired, that I could've gotten up out of my chair. Oh well, old age can do that to you! LOL! Still had a great time. Looking forward to hanging out again! Hope the strike is over soon.

  4. Hope the strike is over soon, too.

    Yay for the time to add these photos. I just saw the Johnny Depp doll in a Target here. Sigh.