Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink Week Sale Goodies

I received my Pink Week Sale items yesterday. I really restrained myself and bought 4 items. That's right you read it right 4 things. I stayed on the sale shelf and kept it under $45. I finally bought the Jonathan Adler sofa. I passed it up at least 6 times and this time with the sale and my discount it was under $10.

I bought the ladies of the 80's because I wanted Joan's outfit and the shoes from Debbie Harry. I think her dress will work on someone else we will see. They were both under $10 :O)

I also grabbed another Pop Life Christie. You can never have enough spare bodies...

There is also another sale around September so I'll see what they have to offer then. I may misbehave a little more


  1. My extremely large box with my goodies, is sitting here unpacked. I am still in awe over the prices I paid. I wanted the Joan Jett doll, but refrained. I got 2 of the Pop Life dolls. Sort of wish I had gotten the redhead too. Great deal on the sofa.

  2. I try to pick up the PL ladies whenever they get this cheap. I got the 80's ladies cause it was an awesome deal. I will rebody Joan and Debbie is in the go box. Love the clothes. If you need anymore salon chairs drop me an email I have a few. Target clearance got me quite a few of the Salon ladies :O) PL Kelly was pretty but I just needed her body. I think I have another with her hair where is she..LOL

  3. Just opened mine yesterday. It's not as fun getting duplicates of what you have already but my gals will be happy to get new bodies! I should have gotten Joan Jett. I really like her look.

  4. Keep on misbehavin', lol! Love to see the results.

    Perhaps I'll be ready for the September sale. Hoping I will be ready for that one myself. Sigh.

    Love to see your great finds. Congratulations ;-D