Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Baaacck..LOL

I am back from Chicago and I had a blast. I came home with more stuff than I left with..LOL. Kelly Kollectors are awesome people. I was a table hostess and I received so many goodies from my table mates. Here are some of the goodies I received

Buffet Day 1

Buffet Day 2

Mini cakes we received

Black Swan my Naughty Kelly prize

Crochet Cutie my Bingo win

One of my raffle wins

Raffle win

Raffle win

Gift from Mattel

Konvention Table Gift

Hostess Doll I received

Konvention Doll for 2011
Here's the link to my other pics. I'm still taking pics of all the stuff I received:


  1. WOW, you got some nice things! I have to go next time.

  2. Next year it's in Cali..I will so be there

  3. Where to begin? You clearly spent the whole time taking and uploading pics. I got up to 105 of the 199 on photobucket. It's all so amazing. I am rethinking giving away some of my Kellys. All of the clothes and the hairdos. Wow. I love the crocheted outfits you got. Now I want to pick up my crochet needle, but there's just not enough time! Thanks for sharing it with us. I feel like I was there, except for getting the gifts and all. LOL.

  4. Van I promised myself I would actually take some pictures this time. I needed to put people in the shots too. You should know if you have classic Kelly's some are not that easy to replace and others are more common. I have a soft spot for this lil girl and her friends. They take up less space than necessary. I love my OOAK and crocheted fashions for them.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. I'm still taking pics of all my goodies. Kelly Kollectors are so generous..I should say most doll collectors period :O)

  5. If anyone is having a problem viewing the last pics just click on the KellyKon over the 1st page of photos and it will bring you to all my KellyKon pics over the years. Click on the KK2011 and you should be able to see all 13 pages of pics