Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

Well since I'm assuming we're all still here I'm going back to my doll business..LOL. It's interesting and now the date is in October (still not believing)

While I was out shopping I found a couple of the pre-swap head Fashionista's in the 2 pack. 

I found some of the Ty L'il Ones you may have seen here or there. I have a couple coming in the mail since I can't find them in the store :O) 

I found this set of Skipper & Chelsea dolls. I like that Skipper has a blue streak in her hair. The Chelsea will end up in the to go pile. I know she's cute but I have enough of the blonde already. 

I won this beauty on one of the doll boards I frequent. I always wanted her and now I have her.

Now I have to go through some more stuff and get it all listed on eBay this weekend. I must use the 50 free listings I get from them..

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