Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of The World...hmm

For those who may not know at this point today at 6 p.m. the world is supposed to end according to this Harold whatever guy. I only post this to say NOT BUYING IT. But if you do I gladly will accept your money (will provide my paypal addy), definitely your dolls and their clothing too (will provide my snail mail for interested parties). :O)

The flaw I see and saw in this is that there was never an established eastern, central, mountain, standard time. I also believe that it's past this time internationally. Seriously isn't May 22 there already..LOL. I am having so much fun with this it's ridiculous. I will be back later to post more doll related stuff. But I'm sayin'....really, seriously, COME ON!!  Do you really think the world would end before we get to see the next season of True Blood? 

Got some doll and NDR things to do but I'll be back ;O)


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  2. Not before I see my "Jem and the Holograms" marathon next week, plus I send you an email about a website that put May 21 ish to shame!