Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swap Anyone?

Yes I said swap as in body swap :O). I have switched a couple of my OHC girls onto new bodies. I'm sorry but their original bodies are just not my cup of tea. I switched the little redhead girl I got on clearance from Tarjay 1st.   I figured if it didn't work hey I didn't spend any real $$ on her.

I just got the AA sister set tonight and they screamed SWAP US!!! I found the body donors I had for them and swap they did :O). I'm glad this set actually exists even though they never came to my area.

The lil redhead girl is really pale so she doesn't have bendy knees. I hope there will be a pale lil articulated body one day.

Jessica Rose

Both the black girls have articulated bodies now..WOOHOO


The older sister's a lil shorter than her original body but it works much better for me. I have lots of Stacie sized clothing for her to change into. I renamed her Kyla since the other doll will stay with the original name Kayla Rae


I still have a Kayla Rae on her original body. I wish I could find a taller darker skinned body for her. I have lots of dolls and I will find a taller body for her.

Forgive any stray hairs or threads. I just snapped quick pics of them all with their new bodies. I have a body for Hannah Faith I just have to find it..hmm


  1. Awesome! Very creative. I love your finished product. I never saw the dark skinned set. I have the older dark skinned girl, but not the toddler. I also wish I had Hannah Faith. I never could find her. Great that you were able to find an articulated body for the AA toddler.
    I used to not like the toddler bodies at all until I realized they could wear Kelly clothes. Once I filmed the toddler in my Pediatrician video, I completely fell in love with her. Her soft completely poseable body, dressed in the Kelly burgundy overalls, allowed me to put her in some really unique, realistic poses that I can't do with the vinyl bodies. She was actually able to hug her mommy around her neck. It was so priceless. I think me putting her hair in pigtails added to that "Oh my, she is way too adorable" feeling. LOL!

  2. Yeah I had to go to the OHC website to find those girls. I may wait until next month and get Hannah Faith and her little sister. The OHC lil ones are adorable and I have the clothing sets they put out for them too. I loved that video and that little girl

  3. I love the way the swap of the dolls came out. Is the older doll on a AA stacie body? What is OHC?

  4. Hey Ms Leo, I used a jointed AA Stacie body for Kyla. OHC is Only Hearts Club. I found the dolls on theri website. They ship fast

  5. What is the name of the AA older OHC doll? I have Brianna Joy & currently am looking for a body donor, she is also AA but not as dark as yours, I don't believe I ever saw her or the lil sister they must be as rare as Hannah Faith-I love how yours turned out.