Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Shopping Part II

I will have two posts tonight because I have two different things to share. This part is just to show the rest of the stuff I got from last week's TRU sale.  My bonus is just about used up but I Had fun spending some and I banked some ;O)

I bought these ladies to finish my SIS collection. Now I'm still missing Rocawear Kara but I will have to pay full price for her at Wally World.

I also bought myself a couple of new Only Hearts Club dolls.  The OHC girls I bought because they never showed up in my area. I searched for the Asian and the other AA girl for a while. I all but gave up. I paid full price for them but they are so worth it.


  1. I love the Ken with all the outfits. I have the laundry room. So these are new OHC dolls? I haven't seen OHC dolls in any of the TRUs in my area. But if they are new, they may be there and I don't know it. If you send me some of your bonus money, I could go take a look. LOL!

  2. ROTFLOL...Vanessa. I haven't seen this line in TRU and they clearanced them out at my Target's too. I will keep checking their site if I want any of the other girls or just to see what's new.