Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Momoko Musings..Oy Vey

Ok I must confess that after posting elsewhere I would keep my Momoko numbers down to the 3 I own. Inowown4 (there I said it). I'm so glad a certain someone has no interest in my blog..LOL. I went and bought this beauty. I know I know she just captured me with that short hair, those red lips, and the good deal didn't hurt either.  I originally had 4 and sold one nude. Out with Puppy got sold a couple of years ago. Darling Denim took her place. I got them all from a good friend who sold them to me for a song. I could never afford the original price on Whiter Shade of Pure Blue.There are ones I wish I had or just want their clothes (insert evil laugh here) really want the clothes of some. I've really got to stop looking at dolls after I read others blogs..won't help but hey what can I say. I didn't order any of the new Integrity dolls so I have some free $$ to play this year :O) 

Snow White

Out w/Puppy, Sugary Cafe Au Lait , Whiter Shade of Pure Blue
Darling Denim Angel

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