Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Shopping Fun

I finally found the Sophie from the LIV in Wonderland set. I really just want to steal her outfit and maybe her body as well. I bought the 3 Basic accessory packs from BC.com since they haven't seemed to hit my area yet. I got them cheaper from BC.com since I used my 1st $20 credit. I have to open them and style some ladies and one of my guys. I'm disappointed that the gold sweater has no opening in the back. It's a good thing I have some ladies who are used to getting their heads popped off..LOL My honey doesn't know it yet but I got a bonus and spent some of the $$ on me..hehehe. Well we did buy him a TomTom GPS for the car. I bought myself a Nadja and a couple of DG's (Dynamite Girls) from Integrity since they still have a nice sale going. She will get photos once she arrives hopefully tomorrow.

I also snagged the new Basic Lea faced doll. I said I wasn't but she's in so that's all I have to say about that :OP

I also picked up a couple of other LIV's from the Makin Waves line. I picked up Jake and Katie (love her lipstick). The Littlest Pet Shop cat I've been searching for since a friend of mine had it and I so wanted that sushi set up it comes with :O).

I also picked up the Computer Engineer Babs. I'm working on making myself a Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds fame. I just love the glasses and the bluetooth she's rocking

I bought this silver box at TJ Maxx and thought I could use it as a coffee table but it may be too big..what do you think?


  1. Don't you just love shopping! I have the Lea doll and the Jake doll. Have you tried putting the BB sweater on from the legs? I haven't opened mine yet, but I can't imagine that everyone is popping off heads to put that sweater on. As for the coffee table, I think it will depend on the size of the furniture.

  2. Vanessa thanks for the idea I didn't think of pulling it up over the legs. I will see if it will fit after Lea's body swap. I think I will use this box in a sort of Indian/Japanese fusion of sorts. I may get a bunch of cushions and a glass top for it. It's really to tall for a couch..I'll have to sort it out