Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Premiere" Dreams

My newest title gives way to the fact that I'm still dreaming about all the fun I had in L.A. at the Fashion Royalty Premiere Convention.

We flew out of Newark airport on United Airlines. The flight was six hours oy vey. Thank goodness I had my travel dolls with me. This year I chose a classic and a newer doll to accompany me. Let me introduce Morgan (Splendid Jordan) & Antoinette (Urban Antoinette Adele)

The flight out was 6 hours long. When did it become the norm for airlines to charge you for everything except water & soda. Maybe  it's me or the airline I chose..LOL.  We arrived safe & sound.

Day 1: We arrived the day before the actual festivities.
 There was a pumpkin carving contest put on by the hotel employees. I really liked this one. My ladies couldn't resist a photo op.

I met up with my friend Cecile aka Chynadoll Creations. First thing I unpacked was my shopping bags. I was tired as all get out but shop I must. I use the big bags from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. If you pick up several items you can carry them with less trips to your room. We picked up a couple of items here and there. I will show pics in the end.

Shopping on a budget. Yes this is possible to do at any convention. I've tried making a list the last two years. I try to stick to "THE LIST" as much as possible. I do have certain items that may be deal breakers. If I'm in a room and I see a doll I've been looking for and the price is too good to resist I may keep a couple of items on my list. Or I may stretch the budget a little more.

Always ask what they accept as payment. Some people do cash, Paypal, credit cards, and even checks. 

We found a room that had some great items. I found the clothing below in the $1 bin. You read right $1!! I even found some items for some of my bigger ladies. I spent $24 total in this room

The green suit in the 1st pic was $1 for both pieces
 The white rose skirt, the sparkly skirt, & burgundy top were $10
After a couple of course I had to go get some sleep. The first day was a great success for me.  I'll leave you with some scenic shots until part II



  1. Awesome finds!!! I'd love to hear more XD I kind of wish they'd hold a con in Chicago... that is something I could swing!

  2. Hello from Spain: the trip is fabulous. Your two dolls are great travel companions. I like your purchases., I'm looking forward to seeing more of the convention. Keep in touch

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. And you did really well with your purchases - I bet you had a hard time keeping to your budget. Looking forward to part 2.

  4. Hey girl! I'm with you on the California dreaming lol! I'm just sad it's over! What a blast we had. Love your pics from convention so far! Swing on over and get my view on it. I still can't believe the finds we got and all fun! Until next time my friend :-)

  5. Thank, Anika, for sharing your photos and your impressions about the IT convention. Love the sky photos and the great bargains. (Got to remember that with my upcoming sales post - ha) I look forward to your doll photos; that'll be as if I attended myself.

    Okay, I exaggerate, but I'm glad that YOU went and that Chynasdoll went. Love seeing your photos.

  6. Gak! Typo in my last comment - should read "Chynadoll."

    Happy New Year.